How to Create a Silverlight BusyIndicator That is Similar to the YouTube BusyIndicator

Hi all! How about we make a download busy indicator that is the same as the YouTube busy indicator?

[silverlight:, 350, 250]

Well, what have we here? Polygons, which can be in three states, with varying degrees of transparency.

Define a style: Learn More

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mojoPortal 201: How to Sell Events in mojoPortal

mojoPortal provides an extremely effective foundation for a robust website solution. With the addition of plugins, that functionality can be extended even further. The Event Calendar Pro plugin from Joe Audette, the creator of mojoPortal, will give you the ability to add event sales to your mojoPortal-based site.

You’ll find the installation instructions for the Event Calendar Pro on the mojoPortal site; after you’ve completed the installation, just add the Event Calendar Pro as you would any other mojoPortal feature. From there, you’ll want to start with the feature settings:

Learn More

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How to Open All Links in a New Tab in Elgg 1.8

In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to open all links posted on your Elgg site in a new tab in Elgg 1.8 without messing up your Elgg site.

1. Since we don’t want to edit core files of Elgg, we are going to download a plugin called Target Blank here

2. After downloading it, unzip it and upload the plugin to the mod directory in your Elgg installation

3. Now, sign in as an Administrator on your Elgg site and go to the Administration Dashboard: Learn More

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