Installing a PHP Version Selector on your Linux VPS or Dedicated Server

If you have recently upgraded from our shared services to a VPS or Dedicated server, then you have probably noticed you do not have a PHP version selector anymore. No worries! Here is how to get one for your server, for free.

Before we begin: please ensure your server has suphp enabled. You can verify this from SSH by entering the following commands: Learn More

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Adding Content to Umbraco Site

In the previous article, we have learned the basic steps to install Umbraco. By default, Umbraco adds few pages depending upon the starter kit. However, you can add extra pages with content types from within the admin dashboard

(1) Navigate to administrator login page (http://www.YOURDOMAIN/umbraco/umbraco.aspx) and login using username and password provided by you at the time of installation. You will view a web page like as shown below Learn More

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WordPress – Toggle Effect

Sometimes you may want to hide parts of your post or page content to give that article a compact look and allow users to click and see more information if they want. This technique is famously known as the toggle effect which is used across numerous websites in various different ways. The hidden content becomes visible when a user clicks on a specific link or button. This show/hide toggle effect is extremely handy for a FAQ page. You land on a page where you see bunch of questions listed. When a user clicks on the question, the answer expands right below. When you click on the question again, the answer will collapse. In this article we will show you how to show and hide text in WordPress posts and pages with the toggle effect.
Learn More

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