Getting to Know the Textpattern Presentation Tab

In my last post I introduced you to some of the specifics of the Textpattern CMS administration interface on the Content tab. Today it’s the turn of the Presentation tab. The Presentation tab is accessed via the administration interface and it controls various aspects of how your site looks and feels, including: Learn More

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Suggested Friends in Elgg

The friends feature available in elgg is pretty basic. You add a friend, wait until he adds you, you get a notification letting you know he added you as a friend, and it ends there. Out of the box there is no extra functionality and adding more functions is sort of complicated. One of the missing key features of this plugin is the “Suggested Friends” which we see on major social networks and has been very useful for users, because it lets them find old friends and classmates. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to add “Suggested Friends” in elgg 1.8. Learn More

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Arvixe 2013 Cyber Monday Web Hosting Sale

Arvixe 2013 Cyber Monday Web Hosting Sale

Check out Arvixe’s 2014 Cyber Monday coupon!

Our Black Friday sale was a huge success and Cyber Monday has now arrived! Did you miss out on our Black Friday web hosting sale? Don’t worry because over here at Arvixe we’re looking out for you! Kick off your Cyber Week with our Cyber Monday web hosting sale, which will give you a lifetime 50% discount on your new web hosting account. Learn More

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