SocialEngine 4: Video Listing Error

Videos Are Being Listed As “This video could not be processed”

When videos do not encode, it is typically a problem with FFMPEG. This is typically a server-related issue.

Occasionally, encoding problems can be addressed in the SocialEngine code, as certain Linux servers do not properly recognize our GREP commands. Open ./include/class_video.php using a text editor and find the line of code that looks like this: Learn More

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Enable Combinations for Virtual Products in Prestashop 1.5

Prestashop 1.4 used to let you create combinations for downloadable items. It was the same file for every combinations, but we could use them, at least. This is no longer possible with Prestashop 1.5’s virtual products, so let’s see how to turn this feature back!

Learn More

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CMS Made Simple Mobile Detection

CMS Made Simple Beyond The Basics – Mobile Performance

It is predicted that Internet traffic originating from mobile devices will overcome traffic from desktop computers during 2014 (Microsoft Tag, 2012).  Is your CMS Made Simple powered site mobile ready? Learn More

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