WordPress Mobile Apps

WordPress is one of the most if not the most popular platform to write in the web.
Mobile is growing fast and that also is for writers who would like to write without have to be in front of the computer.

What do I need?

For WordPress nothing more than one of their mobile apps, so far they have iOS and Android versions, you can check and download them here

The apps not just for write, but also you can check comments made on any of the sites you are author or admin, you can check statistics from Jetpack (if you use it) and read blog from WordPress.com you follow. Learn More

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Important Tips for MODX Extra Developers

MODX logoAs the creator of a MODX extra, you have a responsibility to remove all parts of your package when your package is uninstalled. Some of the things installed by a package are automatically uninstalled, but not all of them.

This article contains some tips about what is and isn’t removed and how to remove the things that might hang around. Learn More

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Managing your Dolphin Pro Newsletter Subscribers

In today’s blog we’ll talk about managing the subscribers to your Dolphin Pro website’s newsletter. Start by logging in to the Dolphin Pro admin.

Dolphin Pro Admin

Dolphin Pro Admin

Learn More

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