WordPress – Round Gravatar Images

Recently, one of our users emailed us and asked “How did you make your Gravatar images round? Are you storing Gravatar images locally to get them to be round?” In this article, we will show you how to display round Gravatar images in WordPress. We will use the border-radius property of CSS3 to create the circular images.

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Change Page URL in elgg

Many pages in Elgg have a specific URL. Some are pretty and some are confusing. What if you want to change the activity URL for something like “Home” or “Panel”? In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to change the URL of a page in Elgg 1.9 Learn More

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MODX Snippet Development III

In the last article, we cleaned up our snippet code to make it more readableMODX logo and to meet some standard coding practices. We’ll do some more of that in this article and fix a logic error in the code.

Notice that we’re still not even thinking about adding features to our snippet. It’s important to have nice, clean, correct code before considering new features. Otherwise, adding the features will be more difficult, and more likely to cause errors. Adding new features to a poorly designed snippet also tends to force you to redesign it again and again. Learn More

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