Import Users in Alfresco

In Alfresco we can set requirements various times where we want to create multiple users and groups in system, in that case it is rather tedious to create each users and then create groups one by one in system using the given user creation and group management console.

In this case we can use the bulk user and group creation feature of Alfresco where we can put all the information related to user and group in a CSV file and then import that CSV file in Alfresco and we are done.

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Understanding Textpattern CMS & tags


When a Textpattern CMS article is saved, it can optionally have one or two categories assigned to it. These categories can be useful if you want or intend to display selected articles based on their category or categories, either in the front-side for your users, or in the admin-side. It’s important to know that the article category is not required, whereas the article section is mandatory. If you’re becoming accustomed to Textpattern terminology, section and category can be somewhat confusing. Briefly:

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How to setup a Privacy Policy page in Xenforo

Hello everyone welcome back once again to another awesome tutorial for you Xenforo users out there!

Today we are going to discuss how to set up a Privacy Policy page. This page is very important to any forum as it tells your forum members what your stance is on their information. It also describes your cookie policy.

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