Removing Old Package Versions in MODX

After running a MODX site for a while, you may end up with many versions of the various packages you have installed. You might be tempted to just delete the packages from the core/packages directory, but that’s something you should never do! Learn More

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Blocking SPAM from Your Concrete5 Website

So your new website is finally finished and you anxiously await greetings on your guestbook and serious inquiries from your contact page form. Unfortunately, you’re now swamped with spam messages and solicitations. Concrete5 has features built in to help minimize how much you receive! Learn More

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Alfresco Security Model

For any CMS, it is very crucial to have a proper security model in place to ensure the security and integrity of contents stored in its repository. Alfresco provides a very strong, fine grain security model for contents stored in the Alfresco repository. In this article, I will explain about this security model supported by Alfresco. Learn More

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