Add Optimized Icons to Oxwall Forum Groups

You might have seen icons on each of the forum boards (in Oxwall, Boards are called Groups) on some forums built with platforms such as smf, vbullenting, etc.

“Images” they say, “are louder than words.” Adding icons to your Oxwall forum

 Groups adds a little extra to the way people see your forum. Placing icons on your forum Groups will help to describe the contents of each Group, hence improving user experience. Learn More

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OpenCart – Using SQL Console in cPanel

This nifty article will teach you how to use the SQL panel in cPanel. Every now and then you will have need to run SQL commands directly onto the DB rather than using your server side scripting language and the web. cPanel makes it very easy to do this. If you are used to writing SQL Procedures in PHP, for example, you will come to notice very quickly that it is very similar. Raw SQL syntax is a little different but you will catch on very quick. First, open up your cPanel. Sometimes, depending upon what type of account you have there could be TWO way’s to login to your cPanel with Arvixe. Make sure that you choose the HTTPS (SEURE METHOD). Once in cPanel go to your PHP MY ADMIN. Learn More

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Add Your eBay Store to Your ocPortal Website

ebaystoreThere are a number of addons which are designed to integrate and display information from a third party source. One of these addons is designed to display information from an eBay store. Selling through eBay is huge and very popular with a lot of people. If you have a website and an eBay store, the ability to display the details of the items you’re selling on your website is very important. Learn More

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