ocPortal Roundup 3

countdown in ocPortalThis is the third ocPortal round up which is a collection of tips, tricks and news. It’s a place to document shared fixes and how to’s which appear in a variety of places. These are all useful tips on how to change some specific things within ocPortal. Generally these are useful tricks but are not large enough by themselves to warrant a full blog post on their own. Learn More

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Non-Secure Connection in WebsitePanel

In this quick article, I will talk about the “Non-Secure Connection” message on the WebsitePanel login page. Learn More

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Removing Old Package Versions in MODX

After running a MODX site for a while, you may end up with many versions of the various packages you have installed. You might be tempted to just delete the packages from the core/packages directory, but that’s something you should never do! Learn More

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