Add button to Document Library in Alfresco

We have been talking about the Alfresco share extension module in the previous few articles. If you have not heard of it, we recommend you check them out first:

Here we are going to see how to extend document library using extension modules. We will add button on the toolbar of document library using extension module. If you are developer and have tried to extend document library in Alfresco you must have noticed there are two different versions of document library implementations available under Alfresco. Here we are going to use the second version i.e documentlibrary_v2 because that is the one which is being used by default. Learn More

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How to change media settings from database to filemanager in nopCommerce

A lot of developers prefer to store all the images (including products, categories, profile avatar, manufacturer images etc) in the file manager as compared to storing everything in the database. The reason is quite simple, the more products you add, the more images you will have and hence the size of the database will increase drastically if you keep storing all the media in your database. This can result in a significant drop in performance if you have a lot of products/media on your store site.

The database is set as the default location for media in nopCommerce out of the box. It is always good idea to change it to “filemanager”, if you are planning to add many products and in this article, I will show you how. Learn More

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