How to Add Hooks to PrestaShop CMS Pages

Prestashop CMS pages are useful, but lack the possibility of adding modules to any of them, specifically. Let’s see how to enhance these pages and create custom hooks for them!

Creating a custom hook for CMS pages

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WordPress 4.0 Beta 4

The fourth and likely final beta for WordPress 4.0 is now available. WordPress has made more than 250 changes in the past month, including:
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Drupal7: Hacked Module

drupal-logoIn doing work on a website I don’t often touch, I wanted to verify none of the modules had been hacked. A golden rule of Drupal is “Don’t hack Core!” (or community modules!). I wanted to scan my site for problems. Luckily I found the Hacked module.

Upon enabling the hacked module with drush en hacked -y. The Hacked module fetches local copies of all installed modules, at exactly the same version your site is using, in-use on your website and Diffs the remote copy with the copy in-use on your site. The Hacked module gives us 3 commands hacked-list-projects, hacked-details and hacked-diff. Learn More

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