Multi Categorization in Joomla

Joomla comes with a category feature, which allows you to keep your articles very organized. Some articles might fit in two or more categories, depending of the content, and Joomla only allows one category to be selected in a post. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to add multi categorization in Joomla. Learn More

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Drupal7: Jammer Module to Hide Unwanted Form Elements

David G - DrupalWhen developing websites with Drupal often times you end up with many content types. We may use content types for Staff members, News items, Events, Books, etc. Other times we may use content types for items such as Gallery Images, Messages, Header Images, Media files on a website — my point is sometimes content types can be used to hold background, or tertiary content on a website. When I have content such as this I often times try to hide un-needed form fields provided by Drupal when creating content. How ca we do this easily? Learn More

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Improve Elgg 1.9 Performance

Elgg 1.9 has several enhancements and new tools for the administrator. One of the new tools is that we can improve the performance of our site Elgg. Simple cache increases performance by caching static content including some CSS and JavaScript files, The simple cache can also improve performance by compressing JavaScript and CSS files and The system cache decreases the loading time of Elgg by caching data to files. In this article I will explain how to Improve performance in Elgg 1.9 Learn More

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