WordPress : Enable Comments!

Enabling Comments on Your Site

Once you have decided on your discussion options, you are ready to enable comments. If you chose not to enable comments on all articles automatically, you can turn on comments for a specific post or pages in several ways.

Turning on Comments for a Single Post or Page

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Adding a Data Item to a From in Dolphin Trident

In today’s blog, I’ll show you how to add a data item to a form in Dolphin Trident. This can be used in a form you create or a stock form that comes with Dolphin.

We’ll start out by logging into the Dolphin Trident Studio and clicking “Forms”. Learn More

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Understanding the Textpattern `category_list` and `section_list` tags


Continuing with Textpattern CMS structural tags, in this article I’m focussing on `category_list` and `section_list`. For today’s outing, there will be a similar approach to the previous tag explanation; the common elements and attributes will be covered, and then some of the tag-specific stuff will be interspersed. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of what `category_list` and `section_list` can do, and you are encouraged to investigate Textpattern Resources if you’re curious. Learn More

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