Drupal 7: Views Menu Reference Module

David G - DrupalOften times in website development I’ve received the request to show an image on certain types of pages, typically an image will be assigned per menu section or url path. In the past I’ve done 1 of 2 things:

  1. I created a custom content type and used a list field and funky custom code to store a menu item ID (mlid) for when to show an image on a certain path.
  2. I used the Header Image module to create a custom content type + block to show an image in a Drupal block on certain paths. In general this is a usable solution but I found since Header Image is drupal content (nodes) this becomes a hassle when building a drupal site via code.

I liked the simplicity of approach (1), which has some faults — such as Views aren’t necessarily registered at a menu path, and I disliked the complexity of the Header Image configuration settings. So I went hunting for a new solution recently. Learn More

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Alfresco Execute Code as System User

Alfresco as you know is open source Content Management system and having strong Content management features. But as we know each client has their own set of requirements where they might want to customize existing functionality or create new feature in Alfresco or integrate it with other technology. For making all of this feasible Alfresco has provided set of Services on top of alfresco repository through which we can manipulate that repository. Learn More

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An Introduction to Web Browser Dev Tools

Whether you need a quick method to help troubleshoot a problem on your website or use them as a shortcut to view design changes, Developer Tools used in conjunction with Google’s Chrome Browser or Mozilla’s Firefox should be part of your everyday selection of webmaster tools. The following screen-cast will give you a quick introduction on how to use them. Learn More

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