[nopCommerce] Activate an SMS provider

A lot of users are not aware that nopCommerce comes (out of the box) with a plugin that can be very helpful to store owners. A plugin (if enabled) can send you message notifications on your mobile phone when you receive orders, message or any important update in regard to your store site. Learn More

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Understand Workflow Model in Alfresco

Alfresco has strong support for Workflow engines like JBPM and Activiti. If you want to get details on this you can refer these previous posts on JBPM and Activiti workflows in Alfresco. In this post I will take you through the “bpmModel.xml” which is the model file used by all out of box workflows of Alfresco. So you could consider it as heart of all out of box workflows within Alfresco. For any advance workflow in Alfresco it has to be supported by following files: Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Profile Fields Causing Site to Crash

Andrew - SocialEngine

Have you recently upgraded your SocialEngine site to the latest version and found that your members profiles crash with a white screen and cannot seem to fix the issues?

If you logged into your Admin Panel to check the error log, you may notice there is no error relating to a fault with profiles, this fault occurs due to the fields table within profiles. Learn More

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