Example Search Page using Search API with Solr and Views

David G - DrupalIntegrating Solr with Drupal is not altogether difficult but there can be quite a few steps. If you opted to install Solr yourself in your network environment that is 1 requirement to using Solr. Then you must Indexes for content you wish to search. Having done all that you can then setup a View or Search page to make use of Solr. In this blog post I’ll briefly cover how to use Views with Search Api Solr. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Verification System

Andrew - SocialEngine

I have been asked a few time how users can be trusted or even know if they are real and the answer is simple.

When Building your Social Network it is important to build trust with your members so they know who they are talking to and know its not another site full of fake profiles trying to make something seem bigger than it is.

Using a Verification System allows you to see proof of that person to ensure they are who they claim to be. Learn More

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Display Session Timeout Message in ASP.Net

Real world ASP.Net applications required to have a controlled session time for users. This is done to block unauthorized people from using the application. Nevertheless, you should show users a message that the session is about to expire. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to display a session timeout message in ASP.Net

Learn More

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