[TomatoCart] Nginx Web Server Support

Until this day, Apache remains the most popular web server. Most likely, it is being used to run your very own TomatoCart store. But, there is another powerful web server called nginx as an alternative to apache. It is very fast and ideal for high traffic websites. It is not difficult to run your TomatoCart store within nginx, you just need to complete following steps.

Note: I am using Ubuntu as the VPS operation system. The steps in this tutorial require the user to have root privileges.

Step 1. Install nginx

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Drupal 7: Faceted Searching of Content

David G - DrupalRecently a fellow developer asked me about making a Drupal search form behave similar to a Faceted Search interface. After sitting down with the developer and going over how to attempt to alter their search form to show the desired behavior; I essentially came to the conclusion that what they wanted was not the default views filtering for a page, but rather a faceted search approach to searching content. In this blog post I’ll describe their problem and at least 1 possible solution. Learn More

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MODX User-related Resource Fields III

In the last article, we saw how to get the full name (or username) of the usMODX logoer for any of the user-related fields, but to change the field, we had to rewrite the code of the snippet. In this article we’ll see a snippet that will handle the current user plus any other user-related field for the current resource. Learn More

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