Essential Prestashop Functions – Day 1

Prestashop has lots of time-saving functions that we can use when developing modules or extensions. Let’s have a look at the first batch of Prestashop Functions, and in which context they might come in use.

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Drupal 7: Views Ctools Dropbutton Module

David G - DrupalIf you look through alot of the Drupal administrative UI you will see see drop buttons used all over the place! They conserve space while offering many choices to the end-user. I was taking a module with hardcoded business logic, reporting and a user-interface and I wanted to try to make it more generic and leverage a view for the same report. A critical piece of the UI is the use of drop buttons. Luckily I found the Views Ctools Dropbutton module! Learn More

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Textile phrase modifiers in Textpattern CMS


Textpattern CMS includes support for Textile, a markup language for formatting content. For website with a bunch of text, this can make inline formatting of text more time-efficient with fewer keystrokes. For this how-to, I’m going to explain phrase modifiers in Textile. The easiest way to play along is to spawn a new Textpattern instance on your Arvixe hosting account with Softaculous.

When I say phrase modifiers, I mean:

  • Strong and bold text
  • Emphasised and italic text
  • Superscript and subscript text
  • Insertions and deletions
  • Citations
  • Inline code

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