SocialEngine 4: Remove Index.php From Address Bar

Andrew - SocialEngine

Have you recently upgraded or made changes to your SocialEngine Site and now find issues with the address of your site such as: Learn More

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Improving Elgg Text Editor

Elgg comes with a WYSIWYG text editor called “CKEditor” that allows you to write blogs, pages, etc. It has basic features that improves the look of the text. However, what if you want a text editor with many editing features? In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to extend CKEditor in Elgg Learn More

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Introducing Textpattern comment tags


Textpattern CMS has the ability to accept comments on published articles. It’s a useful feature if you want to gather feedback on some or all articles. For some people, Textpattern is used as a blogging engine and nothing more. Some bloggers like comments, some don’t. For others, Textpattern is a content management system that is entirely under their control and doesn’t need any kind of commenting functionality at all. In each case, commenting can be globally enabled or disabled across the site, so everyone’s happy. As an extension to this, if commenting is enabled in a given Textpattern site, it can be disabled on a per-article basis. This is useful for when feedback is not relevant, or not wanted. Learn More

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