Installing Concrete5.7 in a Subdomain

Creating a new “website within a website” is easy using subdomains. A subdomain with Concrete5 has an independent database from the primary website installation and can be styled to look as though it is part of the main site or it can be viewed as a completely unique and separate site. Watch the following screen-cast to learn a little more about them and to see how easy it is to install from your Arvixe cPanel. Learn More

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How To Fix YouTube Remote Upload in Clip-Bucket v2


Some of you may have already noticed that at times the YouTube Remote Upload feature doesn’t work and the loading animation keeps spinning forever without uploading anything. Well, in this tutorial I will show you how to fix that problem. Tested on v2.6, but should work for the whole v2. Learn More

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Drupal 7: Drupal Remote Dashboard Sysadmin Module

David G - DrupalIn running a number of Drupal websites I’ve had the desire to centralize my management or visualization of the status of my various Drupal sites. Oftentimes I rely on Drush and its site aliases feature to query the status of a website. At a local Drupal Users Group meeting I was shown a nice graphical approach to monitoring your Drupal sites with a module called Drupal Remote Dashboard (or DRD for short). Learn More

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