Populate Elgg with Demo Data

Demo data is important to ensure your site is ready to go before going live. Usually you create user per user and start uploading content individually. This is good but takes time. HypeFaker is a useful extension for creating demo data for elgg networks. In this article I will explain how to populate Elgg sites with demo data for development, testing or preview purposes with hypeFaker. Learn More

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DotNetNuke Platform Installation

DotNetNuke Platform (formerly DotNetNuke Community Edition) is a popular open source ASP.NET based Content Management System. It can be easily customized using themes. Moreover, you can extend the functionality of your site using modules. DotNetNuke itself ships with several modules but you can purchase advanced third party modules to deliver rich user experience.

In this video, you will learn the steps required to install DotNetNuke using web app gallery included with WebsitePanel. Learn More

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