Ten Textpattern Tips, #9: Use rvm_css to Speed Up your CSS


In my previous article, I showed you a neat way to decouple the Textpattern CMS cascading style sheets (CSS) from the database and make them load faster. That process involved using an external editor to maintain your CSS – something that you may prefer not to do. There is another way to externalize the CSS without resorting to a text editor each time you want to make changes.

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SocialEngine 4: Translating/Changing Phrases

Whether you want to completely translate your SocialEngine site into a different language, or simply change a phrase like “Friends” to “Connections”, this article can help!

Creating a New Language

If your goal is to translate your site into a different language, follow the instructions below. Learn More

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Embed PDF Files in Joomla

PDF is a widely supported format and it is popular because it can be opened without losing the format on any computer or mobile device. Displaying PDF documents in your Joomla website is a key feature that you must have in order to attract more visitors and also add a professional look to your site. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to embed PDF files in Joomla. Learn More

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