Using Textpattern CMS `css` and `feed_link`


Textpattern CMS, my content management system weapon on choice, uses a tag system to make life easier on certain tasks. This series of posts relates to markup tags, a toolbox of useful things that affect what happens in the browser markup. For this article, I’m rolling out two tags:

  • css
  • feed_link

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Edit Wire Posts in Elgg

Major social networks give you the ability to edit or change your status, which is a very useful feature for users that make spelling mistakes in their status. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to edit wire posts in elgg.

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Add button to Site Navigation Bar

In previous post I went through how you can add a new button to your site document library page. Now, we are going to see how to add new button to navigation bar of your site. Also we are going to extend the component which is responsible for generating the navigation bar for site. Learn More

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