Database management tool in Joomla Backend

Simple Adminer plugin allows you to integrate a database management tool into the Joomla environment. In this article I will explain how to install The Simple Adminer plugin to add a Database management tool in Joomla Backend. Learn More

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MODX User-related Resource Fields II

In the last article, we saw how to get the full name (or username) oMODX logof the user for any of the user-related fields, but to change the field, we had to rewrite the code of the snippet. In this article we’ll see a snippet that will handle the current user plus any other user-related field for the current resource.

We’ll send the name of the field we want to render as a property in the snippet tag. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: PHP notice ‘Undefined variable:

Andrew - SocialEngine

There is a known issue resulting in the main.log log file being filled with a non-existent variable being used ‘$user’ (instead of the proper variable which is ‘$viewer’).

Here’s a patch for the error: Learn More

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