WordPress – Migrating Multiple Blogs: Multisite

Since Version 3.0, WordPress includes new multisite features, meaning that it can run many blogs, even with their own separate domains, on one WordPress installation. This tutorial explains how to migrate multiple WordPress installations into one new WordPress multisite. You can migrate sites that are using their own domain, as well as sites using a subdomain on your main domain.

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More Details on Textpattern CMS Syndication Feeds


In my previous article, I demonstrated how Textpattern CMS handles the generation of article links in both the <head> and <body> section of the page using the <txp:feed_link> tag. It’s possible to extend this functionality further with appropriate use of attributes within the same tag. As I write this, the current version of Textpattern recognizes the following attributes in the <txp:feed_link> tag: Learn More

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Alfresco Media Viewer Plugin

Alfresco share which is known for its nice user interface has really grown dramatically in last couple of years. One of the nice features of alfresco share is content preview. When we navigate to document details page of any content residing within alfresco share we are able to see preview of that content along with rest of the properties.

How alfresco Preview works? Learn More

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