How to manage WWW domain prefix in nopCommerce

Do you ever wonder why some websites work these days without typing “WWW” prefix before the domain name? There was a time when every internet user used to type “WWW” in front of every domain. As time and trend changes, a lot of domain names started dropping the requirement of “WWW” prefix.

So, the question is – Do you need “WWW” domain prefix or not? As a store owner, it is totally up to you and your requirements.

Today, we will discuss how to manage WWW domain prefix in nopCommerce. Learn More

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Tutorial: Drupal 7 Homepage Building Techniques

David G - DrupalOften times when building a Drupal website we treat the homepage different from most other pages on our website. Typically the homepage to a site has a distinct layout from the rest of the website, and empowering clients to be able to place many types of content, or configure the content found within the homepage, is a priority for me when building websites. Here are some common techniques I use when developing homepages with Drupal. I will end this post with a live example of some of these techniques in action. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: PHP warning: inet_pton():

Andrew - SocialEngine


Happily accepts anything as the client’s IP address from the $_SERVERglobal.

Malformed or malicious client requests thus can inject arbitrary strings into it, and as real life shows, they do supply strings like ‘unknown’ which causes the PHP warning mentioned in this issue’s title.

To fix this, edit the following file as below:  application/libraries/Engine/IP.php


--- a/web/application/libraries/Engine/IP.php
+++ b/web/application/libraries/Engine/IP.php
@@ -320,10 +320,12 @@
       $asIPv6 = self::$_preferIPv6;

+    $address = filter_var($address, FILTER_VALIDATE_IP);
     if( $asIPv6 ) {
       return self::convertIPv4to6($address);
     } else {
       return $address;


SocialEngine will be adding this little modification into their next release so i am informed.


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