Why Extend modResource in MODX?

In the previous article, I discussed the hows and whys of extending the modUser object. In this one, I want to do the same for the modResource object. This article will cover a lot of the same ground that the previous one did, because I can’t be sure that you’ve read that one. Please forgive the necessary redundancies.

You may have seen Everett’s excellent five-part series on how to extend the modResource object. What you may not have seen, however, is much information on *why* you’d want to extend modResource.

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Updating the Members Listing in ocPortal

members listingOnce your ocPortal Community based site gets to a certain size you might want to improve how your members list is displayed. The standard listing utilizes a list style with Username, Primary usergroup, number of posts and join date listed which can be sorted by which ever data type you prefer. You can see an example of this on the right. Learn More

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Image Management in Alfresco

With the rise in Enterprise content Management and Web Content management there is on more area which could be considered as subset of Web content Management becomes popular. With the proliferation of Computers and Digitization each and every type of information is becoming digital and why not because it is much easier to manage information that way. Learn More

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