Open Source Mobile Game Development: LibGDX

libgdx_thumbI create websites by day (and sometimes by night, hah!) … but lately I’ve had an idea for a mobile video game. Much of my work currently involves developing a simple game concept, design diagrams and doing basic research in the realm. I’ve never created a full video game before — although I do have a commit to an old repository ages ago on a project I never committed anything relevant too (like maybe a decade ago!).

In my research I wanted to see what I could create the game in such that it could run on the desktop and also mobile devices. I researched Unity, some Ruby game frameworks and then settled on LibGDX. Learn More

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Drupal8: Migrate Upgrade Module

Drupal8Logo_0Recently I’ve been working on beginning porting a Drupal 6 site to Drupal 8 — and whether or not I should attempt to upgrade through Drupal 7. For my needs I will likely try to push my website to Drupal 7 and attempt to use some of the Community Modules in Drupal 7 to perform some labor intensive tasks for which Drupal 8 code currently does not exist for. But there is an alternative in the works to ease future Upgrades between major Drupal versions. Learn More

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Clear All Select Elements in an HTML Dropdown

One of the things I like jquery for is that there is a multitude of ways to do something. I like options. Clearing a drop down in jquery is no
exception. Here are some ways to do it. Keep in mind that these are only on the client side.

All of these can be seen here:

Assume you have the following html: Learn More

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