Working with DotNetNuke Module

In the previous video, I examined the installation of a DotNetNuke module named DNN Links. In this video demonstration, you will learn the usage of the installed module! Learn More

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Drupal7: Redis PHP Sessions

redisRecently I was asked how to replace the default Drupal database-based sessions with sessions provided by Redis. I have been interested in for some time in compartmentalizing Drupal’s components as much as possible. In the past for instance I have looked into replace the default search provided by Drupal and its database with Apache Solr. Doing these types of infrastructure improvements can vastly improve your site performance if done right. This Redis session inquiry intrigued me. Learn More

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Understanding the MODX getOption() Method

The $modx->getOption() method is the workhorse of MODX snippet code. There are over 1300 instances of it in my core/components/ directory. It’s used in almost any non-trivial snippet and many plugins as well. You may have some idea how it works, but there are some quirks and features that you may not know about.

MODX logo Learn More

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