Drush: Selectively Syncing Remote Site(s)

David G - DrupalRecently on a project I was given access to a remote server, to work as a subcontractor for another client on a project. The dev team I’m working with doesn’t use Git, I believe they do nightly backups of the server — but they work directly on the server. It’s been 8+ years since I did that on a complete project; I need my Git and other tools. So given SSH access I want to clone the project locally. The caveat is that the project is 1 a Drupal subsite of a large Drupal multi-site installation. How can I work on this easily? Learn More

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OpenCart 2.0 (SSL Important?)

This is a common question among persons that download and start using the Open Cart shopping cart: do I need an SSL? The answer is a unanimous YES. I will explain why this is true in this post but first let’s define what an SSL is and what it does. There are many articles on the web that go into further detail about the inner workings of SSL but this one will describe the basics only, and how it relates to Opencart:

SSL or (Secured-Socket-Layer) is an industry standard in providing security for those that visit your website.  It is also one of the major pieces in becoming PCI-Compliant.  The general rule of thumb for considering an SSL is this: Learn More

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OpenCart 2.0 (3rd party newsletter)

This article will hopefully be of some help to those that are interested in really utilizing the power of a newsletter. A newsletter can do wonders for your business, but can also create issues if not done correctly. So much of how you are going to be able to set up your newsletter and successfully reach your audience depends on variables such as server performance, whether or not you set up your code correctly, and how accessible it is to modern email clients. There is however a solution out there that can really take the hard work out of all of this by doing it for you. Learn More

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