Managing your Dolphin Pro Newsletter Subscribers

In today’s blog we’ll talk about managing the subscribers to your Dolphin Pro website’s newsletter. Start by logging in to the Dolphin Pro admin.

Dolphin Pro Admin

Dolphin Pro Admin

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SocialEngine 4: Iphone, Android Home Screen Icon

Andrew - SocialEngine

Do you wish for your members to be able to access your site with once touch from their Andriod phone or iPhone? Well now they can by creating a shortcut to the website itself but by making look like an app on their phone. Learn More

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Automatic backup SQL server WebSitePanel

In this article we are going to show you how to make automatics backups to your SQL database.
First we need to login in our WebSitePanel and follow the next steps.

First: in the main page (Account Home) in the panel hosting spaces look for scheduled tasks and make click.

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