Customize MultiSelect Control of Alfresco Share

The main Beauty of any Open Source project is its freely available source code with the help of which you can customize it easily. When it comes to propriety products sometimes you end up spending lots of money even to change one small label. Anyways here I am going to show one small customization requirement which I recently come across in one of my implementation so I though it’s worth sharing. Learn More

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Drupal7: Add Forgein Key to DB Table Programmatically

drupal-logoIn any complex web applications our data will likely contain relationships. Songs may belong to Albums. A family tree contains siblings, parents, cousins and more distant relatives. All of these things may be represented in a database management system by using foreign keys. A foreign key can is used between tables to reference rows in another table. Typically a DBMS enforces Referential Actions when referenced tables are inserted or updated — this is maintain data integrity in the system. Is it possible for Drupal 7 to make use of foreign keys in schemas?

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[TomatoCart] An Elegant Languages Box is Available to You

I had illustrated how to integrate an elegant currencies box into your store in this article several days ago. I think you may also need a similar languages box for your store too. So, I have implemented a languages box both for bootstrap and glass gray template today.

Bootstrap Template: Learn More

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