SocialEngine 4: Cron Job Setups

Andrew - SocialEngine

In the past, many users have asked how do you set up a Cron Job in Social Engine.

The method to do this is very simple, any tasks that require a schedule are already programmed in SocialEngine.

Sometimes you may find that the system for some strange reasons isn’t running its tasks correctly. Learn More

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Improve CKEditor in elgg

In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to improve the CKEditor in Elgg 1.12 Learn More

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Manage product review comments

One of the best part about online shopping experience is that customers get to know the feedback about products from all the previous customers along with a clear detail on product specifications.  Opencart also has support for product reviews out of box. Here we are going to discuss about managing customer reviews although its very similar to normal commenting features which we see every now and then. This will save your from some hassles by giving you the exact detail about the flow. Learn More

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