Recommended ocPortal Addons

the getid31 addon at workI wanted to talk about some of the addons for ocPortal which I install on a regular basis depending on which type of site I am creating. Some of them I install in every install and I’ll give you a brief overview of them and why I use them.

Admin search stemmer Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Declaration Engine_Form_Email Error

If you have recently updated your SocialEngine to 4.8.6, you may start to see the following error within your errorlog:

Fatal error: Declaration of Engine_Form_Email::isValid() must be compatible with that of Zend_Validate_Interface::isValid() Learn More

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Keeping Track of your ocPortal Site

audittingThere are two main areas you will want to consider when looking after your site. Site audit tasks generally fall into one of two categories which are Day to day maintenance and once in a while auditing. Day to day maintenance is checking things like content which needs validating and checking for spam posts.  Other tasks include monitoring the security and error logs. Learn More

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