Delete JBPM Workflows from Alfresco

Alfresco support JBPM workflows to leverage and streamline business processes. It will increase the security, reduce paper work, allow quick turnaround time, and many more advantages. So, for any organization which is using Alfresco for storing their content, they should take advantage of Alfresco workflows to implement business processes in it. Learn More

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More DirWalker in MODX

In the previous article on Extending DirWalker, I made a foolish statement about how easy it would be to modify the example program to produce an accurate report containing the actual events fired with $modx->invokeEvent() and the variables sent in the invokeEvent() call. Having said that, I couldn’t resist actually doing it, but it took a lot longer than I thought it would — mainly due to some inconsistency in the way MODX calls events and the usual difficulties with formatting the output. This version assumes that you are running the code as a snippet in MODX. It still processes the files as found, but the creation of the output is deferred until after the search is finished. Learn More

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