Drupal: Group Module, an alternative to Organic Groups Module

David G - DrupalI have had many projects lately where the content on the website is supposed to be available to groups of contributors. Eg, 5 staff members should be able to create and moderate content within a particular section of a website. Or, for sections of a website their should exist the idea that certain members are Editors, and other members are Publishers of content. A recent addition to the modules on drupal.org which support building group based or community based websites is the Group module. This blog post will provide a brief overview of the module. Learn More

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MODX User Resource Report I

In the last few articles, we saw how to display user information for the uMODX logoser-related fields of a single resource. In this series of articles, we’ll go in a slightly different direction and look at how to display information about a collection of resources acted on by the current user. As we did in the previous article, we’ll use a TPL chunk to format the output. Learn More

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Configure Mail Settings in Web.Config

If you have a contact form that sends messages to email accounts, there is some extra configuration that you have to make so that it can work. In this article I will give give you a step-by-step guide on how to configure mail settings in Web.Config

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