Create New Theme in Alfresco share

In an earlier post we had explored how Alfresco theme is structured and where can we see all related files for all out of box Alfresco themes.

Here we will see how to add new  theme to Alfresco share because clients wants to customize the look and feel of Alfresco based on their requirements and you need to create new theme for client. Learn More

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How to make the images responsive on topic pages in nopCommerce

nopCommerce’s default theme (out of the box) supports responsive design. This means the layout is optimized for all the screen sizes including desktop, tablets and smartphones. This allows the store site layout to adjust automatically depending on the screen size by keeping the same overall design.

Enable / Disable the responsive design:  nopCommerce allows store owners to enable or disable the responsive design. By default, this feature is enabled and available on this location: Administration > Configuration > Settings > General And Miscellaneous settings > “Responsive design supported”

A lot of users post questions about why their images are not responsive when posted on topic pages even when the theme is responsive. Today. we will discuss the solution that can fix this problem. Learn More

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Remove Signatures in Specific Forums in Xenforo

Today we are going to discuss how to remove signatures in specific forums that you define. It’s pretty easy and takes very little code. However you do need to know is the node numbers. It’s pretty easy to finds these you can find these by looking in the address bar when you are editing the node in the ACP it looks like this: Learn More

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