A Jumplist with DirWalker in MODX

In the previous articles, we’ve been playing with producing a report based on the MODX codebase using the DirWalker class. Often, when you create a page that’s meant to be used as a reference, you want to put a “jumplist” at the top with links to the various parts of the document and insert links throughout the page that let the user jump back to the jumplist. No one wants to code that by hand and edit it each time the page changes. Learn More

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FAQ and Support Module for Elgg

A support module is always beneficial for applications and websites because it lets users report problems with the website and also help make the site more interactive. Interactivity with users is a must nowadays, and that’s why, in this article, I will show you how to extend your elgg network with a FAQ and Support module in elgg. Learn More

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Calculate Site Size in Alfresco

Alfresco share is a collaboration platform on top of alfresco repository. In previous articles we had seen what features it provides. We had also seen some of the customization in alfresco share. Let us consider a case where organization started using Alfresco share heavily and using all its collaboration features. There are multiple sites already created and users are using them to store their contents. Now once contents being added to the site, its size grows and, in the backend, content store size on the hard disk also increased. There is a requirement where the admin wants to know the actual size or hard disk space occupied by a particular site. How could we do that? Learn More

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