SocialEngine 4: Extra Domain Parking

In today’s world many users like to be able to access a social network at the home URL Andrew - SocialEngineaddress I.E. .uk .eu and so on instead of accessing from .com all the time, having access from the Home URL gives the site a more personal feeling.

Many people try and do complex ways to achieve this.

Some users have 2 domains and try to link them together in complex PHP coding which can fail to work

There is an easy option which requires no coding and even the newest person to the work of Social Networking can do this.

Its called Domain Parking.


When you use this method you will be able to access your site from different address which you like within the parked domain section.

for Example:

Main URL Members:

Parked Domain

No matter of the domain name it will always look at your main site but with different URL.

When you first buy your domain you will need to ensure that you use the same nameservers as your main site otherwise the DNS will not no where to point the site.

Parking Domains

With Arvixe you can park as many domains as you wish

I have contacted SocialEngine in relation to Parking Domains linking to their platform and as it is pointing to the main domain and same Server Address their is no problems as it is only showing the current licensed site.

You may want to confirm with other company’s you use for 3rd party mods but I cannot see any issues with this.

The only issue which can arise is that the parked domains look like they are running the software but are only mirroring the information.

Even through I have done this with my SocialEngine site it can also be used on any site with Domain Parking on the control panel.

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Template Report

A MODX Forums user asked for a way to find out which of his many tempMODX logolates were actually in use. Here’s a snippet that will create a report giving the number of pages that use each template, with separate data on published and unpublished resources.




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Understanding Textpattern CMS tag


I’ll say this from the get-go: `<txp:article_custom>` and `<txp:article>` are not the same. They share a bunch of attributes, yes, but they do two different jobs and cannot be simply interchanged/swapped out with one another. There be dragons.

The Textpattern documentation website explains the differences pretty well and rather more succinctly than I can here, so here’s the deal:

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