OpenCart – Extending your Session

Sometimes you will want to extend the default session expiration time in order to allow your customers to stay logged in. There is another article I wrote that deals with this same issue but I wanted to add two fixes that were probably a little more reliable in the long run. I recently found need to adjust the default variable in the php configuration because I was running a script that at times took 4 hours to complete. Without being logged in, the customer could not see a SUCCESS notification because the notification depended on a function called isLogged(), which checks to see if a session is in place. There are two ways to achieve a longer session.


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News Module Tips and Tricks for CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple Basics – News Module Enhancements

This article will show some tips and tricks to make your CMS Made Simple News module shine. The News module is included as part of the core CMS Made Simple package. It features search engine friendly URLs, categories, custom fields, draft management, scheduled postings, and article expiration. It has full template support allowing for multiple summary and full article templates. Articles can also be managed from the frontend of your website if you are using the Frontend Users Management module. One of the recently added features is the ability to assign a custom URL that breaks away from the traditional URL structure which includes the article’s ID number and the article’s landing page ID number. Learn More

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How to Mass Email your Members from Admin CP in phpBB

Hey again!

Today we are going to talk about how to mass email your members from within Admin CP.

So first log into your ACP and then once you are there click on the System tab at the top far right as follows: Learn More

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