Fine-Tuning Our Jumplist in MODX

If you’ve been following along with this series of articles on using DirWalker to produce a report on MODX System Events and have looked recently at the output here, you may have noticed that the problem of having multiple references to the same event has been solved. This article is for those curious about how it was done. Learn More

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Users and User Preferences in Alfresco

In this article we are going to discuss users that are stored in Alfresco CMS. For any CMS, it is equally important to manage users and groups within it along with contents stored in the CMS. Alfresco also has that capability where users and group of users can be created and we can configure permissions on content based on those sets of users or individual user. We had discussed about security model which is in place in this previous post. Learn More

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Reset a Users Password for Them in phpBB

So in this post we are going to talk about resetting a user’s password for them.

This can come in handy for you if you have users that can’t remember anything and can provide details about their account to you so that you can verify it is in fact them.

So let’s start out by logging into ACP (Admin Control Panel). After that you will see Manage Users to your left: Learn More

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