Quick tip: Fixing the Prestashop slider (homeslider)

In this quick tip we will see how to fix the ‘unable to save settings’ issue concerning the Prestashop slider (homeslider)

Many users have reported not being able to save any kind of setting in the Prestashop slider configuration, using Prestashop 1.6. I decided to investigate the issue a bit further and found out it’s due to multiple entries in the ps_configuration table. How to deal with them? I tried modifying options myself, and here is what I came up with, ps_configuration table:

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SASS linear gradients and IE

David G - DrupalI am close to releasing a new site upgrade for a new client, which included a completely new site design. The client came to preview the website and asked if I could add some gradients throughout the webpage. Of course, I said, “Sure! Why not!” (… when will I learn :D). Anyways, I’m aware of a few techniques to do this and have been slowly trying to leverage Compass in my websites CSS. So after some fiddling I found the necessary Compass declarations to get the outcome I desired. Learn More

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How to set up user promotion

Today we are going to discuss a way for you as a site owner to set up the promotion system. This system allows you to automatically “upgrade” your members. (NOTE: This is different from the trophy system.) So let’s say you have a new user and you want them to change user groups automatically after 10 post to the group Junior Member. You would use the Trophy system for this. So how do we do this you ask? Well let’s start and I will show you.

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