Extend your WordPress Text Editor with Zedity

WordPress ships with a default text editor which has minimum formatting options. With the help of Zedity WordPress plugin, you will be able to create content using advanced options available with the plugin.

(1) Install Zedity plugin from the WordPress dashboard Learn More

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Changing the ocPortal Forums

As my test site is going to be a community, we need somewhere to hang out and exchange views and ideas, the ideal place is a forum.

In the “Setup” wizard I opted to create a community and ocPortal included a forum for me, you will recall in the last tutorial that I added a link button to it from our Front page.

I now have two link options to get to my forum. The button I created or the “Social” link near the top of my page.

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[TomatoCart] Prevent Disabled Products from Being Enabled Automatically as Changing Category Title

One user contacted me several days ago to report the following issue:

Every time I make a change to a Category title, all the disabled products under that category are enabled and showing in product pages to the public.

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