Elgg Meta Tags

Meta Tags are special tags that provide structured metadata about a Web page. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to improve meta tags in Elgg 1.8
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Create Listener Class in Activiti Workflow of Alfresco

In recent articles about JBPM workflows we had seen in one of the article regarding how to create listener class for JBPM workflow which is part of Alfresco. To get more details on importance of Actions class and how to create action class in JBPM workflow please refer this post. Learn More

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Adding an Image Slider to ocPortal

sliderMany websites now make use of sliders to convey information to their visitors. It’s incredibly common especially in the world of ecommerce as it allows several items to be displayed in the same space while sliding between them. To achieve this in ocPortal it is just a case of needing to install a specific add-on. The add-on is titled Unslider and is simple to set up and use which I will go into below.

Installing the Unslider add-on in ocPortal Learn More

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