Up and running with Textpattern CMS and Skeleton


In this series of articles for the Arvixe blog, I’ve shown you how to get up and running with Bootstrap 3, Foundation 5 and Semantic UI 2. This how-to is a little different because the framework is intentionally much simpler and lighter. Today is all about Skeleton. I briefly covered the current era of mobile-first and responsive development in a previous post. Increasing numbers of studies have shown that mobile web browsing activity has surpassed desktop, perhaps inevitably. At the same time, there’s been a renaissance in tools that help developers make their sites whizzy and amazing. New tools are released regularly, and the web developer’s tool arsenal is bigger than ever before. Learn More

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Marketplace for Elgg

Elgg is a social networking framework that can be use for anything. You can either build a private work network or a place to sell products. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to turn your elgg site into a full marketplace Learn More

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Bring Registration forward in Xenforo

So today we are going to discuss how to bring the registration up in a bubble instead of going to a new page to do this.

It’s quite simple only takes a few moments and make your forum very unique compared to others! Learn More

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