WordPress desktop apps… wait what?

WordPress has a desktop app! Yes, you are ready correctly.

The currently supported platforms are: OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. You can download them here: Learn More

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Drupal 7: Feeds Import to bulk insert content

David G - DrupalRecently I was asked (again) to create a bulk import mechanism for an upcoming Drupal website I’m currently developing. Truth be told, I typically use the Migrate module to bulk import content into Drupal websites. I’m comfortable with PHP and I’ve used the migrate module in 3+ large sized projects to move thousands of Nodes into Drupal. But, for this project the client will likely want an ongoing, more organic import process. So, I have opted to attempt to use the feeds module to bulk import content. This blog post will be an overview of the Feeds module. Learn More

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MODX User Report II

In the previous article, we produced a list of resources created by the cuMODX logorrent user. In this one, we’ll send a property in the snippet tag to tell the snippet which of the user-related fields we want to use for our search. Learn More

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