Textpattern CMS Plugins: Introducing rah_section_titles


Textpattern CMS can be extended using plugins. This concept of extending the core product with add-ons is common with many content management systems, though the method of extending Textpattern differs from the file-based approach of most other systems. In Textpattern, plugins are uploaded as encoded text via the administration interface. If there are additional files required for the plugin to be used, they are invariably uploaded using FTP in the traditional sense, but extensions that don’t require any files are means the administrator doesn’t have to venture outside the administration interface. Learn More

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Introduction to Alfresco Public API

In this post I am going to give some introduction about Alfresco’s Public API because although it’s been a while it is being launched there is not much of awareness about those.

Why is this API required? Learn More

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Customize MultiSelect Control of Alfresco Share

The main Beauty of any Open Source project is its freely available source code with the help of which you can customize it easily. When it comes to propriety products sometimes you end up spending lots of money even to change one small label. Anyways here I am going to show one small customization requirement which I recently come across in one of my implementation so I though it’s worth sharing. Learn More

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