Use Softaculous to Backup WordPress

Although the main purpose of Softaculous is to install new applications with a single click, it can be used to create a full backup of your WordPress site.

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Drupal 7: Clean Markup

David G - DrupalRecently I’ve been work with designers on a new project. This is a breathe of fresh air as most of my projects are typically solo projects, or don’t involve interacting with other designers or developers. On this project the designer cares alot about the semantics and markup used within the project. Most people aren’t a huge fan of Drupal’s default markup provided by Core for blocks, regions, fields, etc. In the past I’ve mentioned the Fences module. On this project the designer introduced me to the Clean Markup module. For all it’s simiplicity it’s a really great module! Learn More

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Using explode() to create arrays

MODX logoSay you have a snippet that needs a simple array and want to send the elements of the array in the snippet tag. The PHP explode() function is custom-made for your use case.

You’ve probably seen lots of MODX snippets the use a comma-separated list in one or more properties. You may have wondered how the snippet processes that comma-separated list. In this article we’ll see how it’s done. Learn More

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