Drupal 7: DKAN Distribution


David G - DrupalWorking in higher education, sometimes I have clients that want to make a public set of data releasable to the public. Typically these collections of data are known as datasets. Example datasets can be radar data, fish populations off the coast near coastal oil rigs, political election results, approval ratings, etc. Usually I simply provide a file download link for the data which the client provides as a CSV, or supported file format. Since I’ve been doing alot of this type of research lately I’ve looked into possible Drupal modules, or configurations that would help with these types of request. I discovered the Drupal DKAN distribution maintained by NuCivic. Learn More

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Calling MODX getResources in Code

In the previous article, we looked at a way to display a “teaser” for upcMODX logooming blog posts and set the &classKey property to select the resources you want. In this one, we’ll ditch most of our code and call getResources to get our list of resources. Note that you can call pdoResources, which is significantly faster, instead of getResources. The pdoResources snippet requires you to install the pdoTools package, but the properties are, for the most part, identical. Typically, the only change you need to make is that instead of &includeTVs=`1`, for pdoResources you need to provide a comma-separated list of TVs you want to include. Learn More

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