Age verification for Joomla

Age Checker – PRO is a simple and stylish way to verify your visitors age before allowing them to see or view your site’s content. Age Checker is primary function is to verify the visitors age input and if it meets the standard you established in the module settings. In this article I will explain how to use the Age Checker for Joomla. Learn More

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Envoy – A effective remote server automation and deployment tool for php

Envoy is a remote server automation and deployment tool written in php. It provides you a simple and effective way to run common tasks on your remote servers. So, you needn’t to connect to your remote server with ssh client and then run the task. In this article, i will show you an example about how to use this great tool in your detail development. Learn More

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Access Control List (ACL) for topics in nopCommerce

Recently, nopCommerce development team released 3.70 version that offers a ton of new features and improvements. One of the highlight feature in 3.70 is support for access control list (ACL) in topic pages. Many nopCommerce users have been requesting this feature and finally it has been added to the official release.

This option will help store owners to give restricted access to different topic pages based on the user roles. Hence, it is a great feature in regard to security of the store store and keeping the private pages hidden from the public.

Today, we will go over this new feature of access control list (ACL) for topics. Learn More

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