SocialEngine 4: TOS & Privacy Policy

Andrew - SocialEngine

It is common for users to forget to create a ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ which is unfortunate as these are essential to any social networking site. These 2 important documents will inform users what they can and can not do on your website as well as what you do with their personal information.

In this article I will show you how you can set your privacy and terms of service pages. Learn More

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Understanding Textpattern CMS `link_to_home`, `link_to_next` and `link_to_prev` tags

admin-ajaxPart three of my five part series on Textpattern CMS navigational tags focuses on three intriguing tags that, frankly, I don’t use as often as I should. There’s a scene in the movie Léon where the hitman visits his handler to collect a weapon for training purposes. That’s my reason for wheeling these three tags out today; you’ll learn something new, and I’ll refresh my skills. These are the tags in question:

  • `link_to_home`
  • `link_to_next`
  • `link_to_prev`

Learn More

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Drupal7: Renaming Fields and Bundles

David G - DrupalWhen developing a Drupal project it’s likely that your Content Types and Entities will go through revisions — meaning you’ll be altering the schema of how you want to structure your data and relationships in Drupal. In the past I’ve used Features, Configuration, hoping someday to use Config in Code — to store my site configuration in code. But you still need to create content types and entities somehow. And, possibly modify existing ones. Here are 2 tools I found to heavily modify/clone content types in Drupal 7. Learn More

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