Donations Extension for Joomla

OSDonate is a simple extension that allows us to get donations through the Paypal Donate Button in an easy and simple way. In this article I will explain how to add a PayPal Donate button on your Joomla site.  Learn More

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Drupal: Drush pm-info Command

David G - DrupalRecently I was updating a website for a client for security upgrades to modules and adding some new functionality to the website. 1 update I was running was upgrading the Webform module from 3.x to version 4.x. Upon finishing up the upgrade I noticed I was receiving some odd errors as if I had not upgraded the module. Upon inspection I discovered I had 2 instances of the module installed and the Drush pm-info command was crucial in discovering this oversight.
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[TomatoCart] Build a Top Menu for your Glass Gray Template

You may have noticed that there is an elegant top menu added in the bootstrap template. But, there isn’t such kind of top menu in the glass gray template. Learn More

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