Set Resource Fields and TV Values in a Plugin

In previous articles, we looked at how plugins work and saw how to perform actions when a user is saved in the Manager. In this one, we’ll see some plugin code that acts when a resource is saved in the Manager.

There are lots of things you might want to do when a new resource is saved in the Manager. You might want to adjust or duplicate a field, say to make the description field match the introtext field. You might also want to adjust a resource field based on the value of a TV, adjust a TV based on a resource field, or adjust one TV based on the value of one or more other TVs.

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How to Schedule a Date and Time Release in Concrete5

Special events, time sensitive announcements, limited time sales… all great ideas but sometimes difficult to implement. You could, of course, wait until the right moment and quickly publish a new page edit or you could just take advantage of the timed permissions available in Concrete5!
The following screen-cast will introduce you to the creation of special announcements etc. in advance, which become visible at the time you schedule. Learn More

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Add a Google Plus Button to Textpattern CMS Articles


Today’s article is all about Google Plus and Textpattern CMS. I’m going to show you how to add a neat Google Plus +1 button to your Textpattern article pages. This is article number 4 of the series, and if you’ve been playing along you will already know how to integrate Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. In each case, a button is added to the sidebar of the article. The Google Plus button works in a similar fashion. Learn More

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