Automatic backup website files WebSitePanel

In this article we are going to show you how to make automatics backups to your site and files of this site, in order to do this we need to login in our WebSitePanel and follow the next steps. Learn More

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Fixing minor issues in elgg

Sometimes small issues may arise in your Elgg network for example, bad layout alignment or backgrounds not loading. In this article I will give you tips on how to fix minor issues in elgg Learn More

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Textile links, images and tables in Textpattern CMS


Textpattern CMS includes support for Textile, a markup language for formatting content. In this series of how-to articles, I’m covering some of the more widely-used techniques in Textile to save you some time and typing.

For this Arvixe tutorial, I’m focussing on links, images and tables. These are in ascending levels of complexity. Bluntly, links are straightforward, images are also pretty easy, and tables are – well – Textile tables sort of terrify me a bit and I have to refer to a cheat sheet each time I roll one out. There’s no shame in that, though. None at all.

Let’s start off easy. Links. Take the following HTML: Learn More

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