[Alfresco] Update Debug Logging Preference

In previous post related to the debug menu in Alfresco, I introduced you with the new Debug Menu added in Alfresco share which helps Alfresco developers to debug Alfresco share widgets and other javascript code. As I had promised we will be discussing on each of the available option in more depth here we go. In this post I will discuss related to “Update Dubug Logging Preference” Option available in that debug menu. Learn More

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Overview of improved functionality for topics in nopCommerce

In the latest version of nopCommerce 3.60, the topics section have been improved quite a lot and now it offers a lot more functionality opposed to the previous versions of topics. The new topics are more flexible now and because of that a lot of users can make use of topics instead of hard-coded (or manually added) pages. This would be very helpful to store admins (or retailers) who are not tech savvy and they can easily add new pages to the store site from the administration section.

We will be focusing on 3 main improvements today:

1) Store owners can add topics to the footer
2) Store owners can choose template for topics
3) Store owners can make topic pages accessible while public store is closed Learn More

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How to setup a trash forum

In this tutorial we are going to discuss how to add a trash forum to our site. This allows us to add soft deleted threads to this forum automatically.

So what do we need to do in order to do this? Well first we must create a new node and include the trash category into it. Make sure that when you do this you untick “Allow new messages to be posted in this forum”  Also make sure that you make it so only mod’s and admins can see it so that your members cannot. Learn More

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