DBeaver: Database Administration Tool

David G - DrupalThroughout my web development career I’ve used numerous DBMS management tools. Years ago I used whatever SQLServer comes with, then for a time I used MySQL Workbench, for a brief while I used SQuirreL, and other times Sequel Pro and Navicat and even 0xdbe. Above all others I typically use PhpMyAdmin. But, as of the last few years I’ve been very put off by phpmyadmin and it’s wildly changing user interface and use of ajax all over the place. So I had been looking on and off for alternatives. Just this week I stumbled across DBeaver by JKISS. Learn More

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MODX User Report III

In the previous article, we produced a list of resources acted on byMODX logo the current user. In this one, we’ll see how to sort that list. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Create a Donation Page

Andrew - SocialEngine

Over the years many users have tried many ways to gain money from their website. To name a few:


These are the 3 main ways of creating funds for your site. Learn More

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