Resolve Mimetype Related Issue Through Script in Alfresco

Alfreso is content management system and thus it support various different type of contents like word, pdf, images, odf, xls any list goes on. Now for any content management system when we talk about support for particular content type it is not just merely identifying type of content during upload and show related to icon on the User Interface. It actually takes lot more than that to support particular mimetype. Learn More

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Corruption Detection for SQL Databases

Application databases contain useful and crucial information. However how do you know if the data is not corrupted? How do you know if the data is recoverable in case of an error? In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to enable data corruption detection for SQL databases. Learn More

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Adding Password Strength Meter in nopCommerce

We all know that an e-commerce business comes along with online payment transactions, so security issue is very important. In the registration page, password strength checking meter should be there in order to notify user if his/her password is strong enough or not. Today most of the websites use this password strength meter to check the strength of the password. Learn More

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