Alfresco Media Viewer Plugin

Alfresco share which is known for its nice user interface has really grown dramatically in last couple of years. One of the nice features of alfresco share is content preview. When we navigate to document details page of any content residing within alfresco share we are able to see preview of that content along with rest of the properties.

How alfresco Preview works? Learn More

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[TomatoCart] Sanitize Inputs to Enhance Your Store’s Security!

I received an email from a user to report that there are two serious security issue existing in latest TomatoCart version.

Security issue 1: Learn More

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Quick Way to Populate Form Fields for Testing

If you build forms you know that testing is a necessary evil. If have a lot of html elements on that form you know it feels like you have to visit hell every time you hit the start button. This is a trip that you always say to yourself, “there has to be a better easier way to test my form.” Well there is. It rests in a JQuery plugin called ‘Faker’. This is a great script which helps load random data into your form. It has hooks for every conceivable form input, from bit coin to web address and you can create your own. Once you have done this then testing your form is less painful. Learn More

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