OpenCart – Massive SQL Insert

There will be times that you will be using the Opencart framework for your own web applications where the goal will not be eCommerce or having an online store. In doing this you may find yourself needing to perform a massive INSERT QUERY to your Database where the option to import via .CSV or EXCEL is not actually an option because other things will need to happen during the INSERT that CSV import can’t do. I wanted to write an article on how to properly INSERT tons of data into a MYSQL TABLE without bogging your system down because if done incorrectly you could be looking at hours upon hours of script time…which always leads to browser/session issues and/or php/mysql setting issues. To be fair, it’s never a great idea to perform massive data entry purely with a php function but sometimes there is no way around it. Learn More

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Optimize SQL Databases with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

A previous article talked about how to shrink a database manually to optimize it. This is a good way to do it, but it requires to run a query, which some users might find complicated. In this article how to easily shrink your SQL database with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Learn More

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