Drupal7: Adding a permalink to Node content Part 2 of 2

David G - DrupalIn part 1 of this blog post we discussed how to embed a canonical url and shortlink into the source code of an HTML web page. We also discussed how to avoid impacting SEO with multiple urls for identical content by using the Global Redirect module. In this blog post I’ll describe a way to insert the shortlink onto the web page in a simple and reusable format for most any Content Type in your Drupal website. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Password Protecting Build of Site

Andrew - SocialEngine

As webmasters start to create their new social network, many like to prevent people trying to access the new site while its still being built.

Most users will be happy to use the basic security features within SocialEngine by using the maintenance page, but whilst this is good within itself, not everyone is happy with this method and would like to use a more advanced method by passwording their website while creating it. Learn More

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