Nginx and Drupal7 site in subdirectory

David G - DrupalRecently I wanted to run a 2nd drupal project on an existing domain. I didn’t want to pay for 2nd domain name so I wanted to place the project in a directory of the parent domain. Usually I have little issue doing this using the Apache webserver as I do this all the time (it might take me all of 5 minutes). But, my personal website runs on the Nginx server and so I found it took me quite a bit of time to configure this drupal site to run within a subdirectory. Here are few steps it took to accomplish this deployment. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Importing of PHPfox

Andrew - SocialEngine

Over the last few years many users have wished to be able to migrate from PHPFox to SocialEngine but due to a great divide between the two platforms no solution has ever been found.

Until today, thanks to SocialEngineAddons. Learn More

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Updating WebsitePanel Profile

In this tutorial video I will show you how to update your
websitepanel profile.

Learn More

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