How to force WWW prefix on your nopCommerce store site

Majority of the internet users are aware of the fact that many websites can be access by typing the URL (or domain name) “with” or “without” the WWW prefix. It means that, if you go to Google site, you can either type “” or you can type “”.

An interesting thing that you should notice in the URL while visiting any website is that, majority of websites changes the URL and add “WWW” prefix automatically even if you do not type it initially.

Now, the question is, why do we need to force the WWW prefix on your website domain name? The answer is quite simple; to avoid duplicate content on search engines.

It is always a good practice to keep consistency when it comes to SEO and forcing WWW prefix avoids search engine to index 2 different version of your website “with” and “without” WWW prefix.

Today we will go over the process of forcing WWW prefix on your nopCommerce store site. Learn More

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Customer Satisfaction Survey – February 2015

The results from our customer satisfaction surveys for the month of February are now available. Thanks again for those who completed the customer satisfaction surveys. We appreciate your participation and feedback.

3416 surveys were sent. Out of 256 survey responses the average rating was 8.6250 and 92.58% would recommend us. Learn More

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Opencart 2.0 – PowerPoint Viewer

There are times when perhaps you will need to allow your customers to see a digital file before they purchase. If you are selling digital goods such as Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, this article will show you how to give your customers a way to watch your .PPT file, but not download it and/or alter it. After all you don’t want anyone redistributing the PowerPoint file nor altering it. This article will not however show you how to set it up to where once a customer purchases the file , what to do after the fact. Learn More

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