Drupal 7: Drupal Remote Dashboard Sysadmin Module

David G - DrupalIn running a number of Drupal websites I’ve had the desire to centralize my management or visualization of the status of my various Drupal sites. Oftentimes I rely on Drush and its site aliases feature to query the status of a website. At a local Drupal Users Group meeting I was shown a nice graphical approach to monitoring your Drupal sites with a module called Drupal Remote Dashboard (or DRD for short). Learn More

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Backup and Restore for Joomla

XCloner is a Backup and Restore component. The purpose is to allow us the possibility to clone our Joomla installation. In this article I will explain how to create a Full Backup and Restore for Joomla using XCloner. Learn More

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ClipBucket Installation

ClipBucket is a video hosting script. With the help of ClipBucket, you will be able to create a site similar to that of YouTube.

You can install ClipBucket using Softaculous from within ClipBucket. It is also possible to install the script manually by uploading relevant files via FTP and running the installer. Learn More

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