Setup special price for product

In one of my previous posts, I have explained about how to set discount off a product. It was mostly used when we want to give a discount on a bulk order. Now there is multiple types of discounts you can set on a product. One option was setting a special price, for example, if there is a special occasion such as thanksgiving and you wish to provide your clients with a discount on particular products.

This article will go over how you can achieve just that. Learn More

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ViewerJS for Elgg

When searching for plugins to enable document sharing on your Elgg site, you may notice that there are few plugins that actually let you preview documents and those few that let you rely on external services, which might cause a privacy concern between your users. In this article, we will review ViewerJS plugin, which will let you display PDF files, text documents and presentations in site. Learn More

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How to add background color to news titles on homepage in nopCommerce

Many developers / web designers are always looking to improve or add something new to the website layout / design that makes the content of the site stand out. nopCommerce’s homepage (out of the box) offers 3 latest news posts on the homepage. Adding some background color to the titles will certainly make it look more attractive and it will easily catch your customer’s attention.

nopCommerce already offers a great modern theme that has been designed to keep up with the latest designing trend. But, there is always some room for improvement or change. Today, we will go over the process of adding a background color to news titles on the homepage in nopCommerce.

This is the default layout / design of the homepage news posts: Learn More

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