Top 10 Best Free PrestaShop Modules

PrestaShop is a great e-commerce platform, but it’s very unlikely that anyone starting a new business will be happy with the very basic modules selection. Most of the PrestaShop modules on the market are paid products, because of the great functionalities they can add to your shop, and help you sell more. However, there are some free PrestaShop modules as well, which can equally enhance the basic functionalities, with the advantage of not having to spend a single penny for it. Let’s have a look at 10 best free PrestaShop Modules currently available. All of the listed modules are compatible with both PrestaShop 1.5 and PrestaShop 1.6. Learn More

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Never Use the id Field of the User Profile to Retrieve a MODX User’s Profile

This article is about a very insidious MODX error. It iMODX logonvolves using the id field of the user profile to retrieve a user’s profile. It will often work at first, but it can create an unholy mess over time.




The fact is that the id field of the user profile is completely arbitrary. It reflects the order in which the profile records were created and has no real relationship to the users whose profiles are stored there. The profile records are connected to their users by the profile’s internalKey field. The internalKey field is guaranteed to hold the user ID of the user related to that profile. Learn More

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Nginx and Drupal7 site in subdirectory

David G - DrupalRecently I wanted to run a 2nd drupal project on an existing domain. I didn’t want to pay for 2nd domain name so I wanted to place the project in a directory of the parent domain. Usually I have little issue doing this using the Apache webserver as I do this all the time (it might take me all of 5 minutes). But, my personal website runs on the Nginx server and so I found it took me quite a bit of time to configure this drupal site to run within a subdirectory. Here are few steps it took to accomplish this deployment. Learn More

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