PrestaShop 1.7 will be a catastrophe. Here is why

PrestaShop will become a totally different software with the release of 1.7 in the upcoming months. Here are a few reasons why I think it will be a catastrophe for the company.

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[Part 1] – Use beanstalkd messaging queue with tomatocart

Behind the scenes, Tomatocart has been developed in a server side script language called PHP. It is great at performing the application tasks synchronously.

For every order that you get, TomatoCart needs to perform the following:

  1. The new order will be inserted into the database.
  2. A new order created email will be sent to the customer.

The second step will only be performed after completing the first step. It maybe very slow to connect to a SMTP server to send the email due to a bad network. The checkout page for customer is blocked until the email is sent. This is really bad.

We need to find a way to perform the above steps asynchronously. When the customer clicks the order confirm button, the system will just need to insert the order into the database. For sending the email to a customer, it will be performed in the background. So, the create new order action will be completed quickly from customer’s point of view. Learn More

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Drupal7: VBO clone taxonomy fields FEB 2016

David G - DrupalOn a live website for a departmental unit at my work, we’ve undergone some changes to the website wherein the major options a Course can be associated need to be changed. Typically the Majors on the site were a single Taxonomy Tree in Drupal and it was available as a field between Courses and Alunni and Faculty. But, once I altered the values of the Majors to the current offerings this quarter — we collectively noticed that Alumni wanted to be referenced by any valid major ever used in the system, not simply the newest majors.

So I wanted to make this available to Alumni by copying all the current values of Majors to a new field for Alumni and a special Vocabulary, which will then be expanded to include all possible majors ever. To do this I used Views Bulk Operations and Rules as detailed below. Learn More

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