[TomatoCart] Automatically generate a Google sitemap daily

As you know, it is possible to generate a Google sitemap in the admin panel. But, it is not efficient enough for the store owners. It is better to let your host server to generate the sitemap for your shop everyday. It means the whole procedure to generate sitemap is automatic and accurate, great for SEO involving no time from you once setup. Learn More

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Drupal7: Migrating Legacy Images with Nodes

David G - DrupalIn the Presidency project I’m working on the legacy website had many types of photos associated with a person. While I’ve moved database fields between legacy sites and Drupal site before — I’ve never had the need to migrate image files before. The more recent Migrate module newer than version 2.5 had improvements to how file migrations can occur. Here is how I moved some files over from a legacy site to Drupal 7. Learn More

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Create Datalist through code in Alfresco

Since last few articles we have been discussing about the datalist. These are the topics which we have covered. Introduction of datalist in Alfresco, Enable datalist in Alfresco, Create custom datalist in Alfresco.

Here I am going to show you how we could create the datalist through code.We will see how to create datalist through the code.This is very useful whenever you want to create datalist in the back-end. When you have lots of items to create in datalist and you do not want to spent time by creating one by one manually. Learn More

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