SocialEngine 4: YN MetroUI SSL Issues

Andrew - SocialEngine

Does your social networking site use an SSL certificate in combination with the YN MetroUI theme? If so, you might be experiencing a few issues. In order to use an SSL certificate with this theme, a few small changes need to be made. In this article, I will go through those changes for you. Learn More

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Sessions VS Cookies in ASP

What is the difference between storing a session variable and storing a cookie? In this article I will give you a quick insight between a Session and a Cookie. Learn More

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Adding a Watermark to your Dolphin Pro Photos

Today I’ll show you how to automatically watermark any photo that is uploaded to your site. This won’t completely prevent an unscrupulous person from stealing photos from your site but it will make it more difficult.

We’ll start by logging in to the Dolphin Pro admin and clicking “Settings” on the left bar menu. Learn More

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