Textpattern CMS conditional tags:


The first Textpattern CMS conditional tag to learn about is `<txp:else />`. It’s a standout tag when compared alongside the other 32 conditional tags because it can be legitimately used in any of these tags. It’s typically used in the following situation:

do something
<txp:else />
do something else

Note: there is no `<txp:if_something>` tag – it’s just used for this example. In the above code, Textpattern will check for something, and if that check returns a true or positive value, it will `do something`. If it comes back false or negative, it will `do something else`. Replacing `<txp:if_something>` with a proper tag – say, `<txp:if_excerpt />` – and the actions with something helpful will help you understand the Textpattern logic further. Learn More

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Drupal 7: Node Convert Module

David G - DrupalAs my current project is wrapping up…  my clients have last minute change requests. In this project the site is moving from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. In the past the website had a Drupal Book content type that had a Graduate Program Handbook for prospective students entering a college’s graduate program. In moving to Drupal 7 the client had many change requests. During the final last minute changes of the website I was able to install and play with the Node Convert module.  Learn More

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