Github: GhPages an Overview

David G - DrupalRecently for a university project we wanted to move a PHP template based website from a subdirectory to a Github Pages (Ghpages) website. All in all the transition went very smoothly. The original website was managed from a local in-house Git repository and it’s contents were synced with the live site URL occassionaly after a cumbersome process involving emailing and notifying about 2-4 individuals. While in comparison the Github Pages site simply needs to accept Pull Requests. Learn More

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Upcoming Teaser with Multiple Resource Types

In the previous article, we looked at a way to display a “teaser” forMODX logo upcoming blog posts and set the &classKey property to select the resources you want. In this one, we’ll make a modification that allows a comma-separated list of class keys so you can display more than one kind of resource. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Change Items Shown On Menu Bar

Andrew - SocialEngine

Increase or Decrease Items Shown in the Menu Bar

You may wish to change the number of items displayed by the menu bar, by either increasing or decreasing the number shown. When there are too many tabs a “more” button is added, and all entries past the limit are put into the “more” menu. You can change that number to something higher.

To remove the more button, or if there are too many tabs and the menu bar begins to wrap the number can be changed to something lower. Learn More

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