How to Set Up ownCloud

Hello today we are going to discuss how to set up ownCloud!

First when you received your email containing all of the awesome information to log into your accounts, the very first link should have been your ownCloud link. It will look like this:

owncloud1 Learn More

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Drupal7: Override a View Row Field Result Programmatically

I have a large project with I believe hundreds of modules … I’m too afraid to check! haha. And the client has asked me to allow a blog entry submitted locally as a Drupal piece of content or remotely from an external url. Listing this content in Views should show the correct html link to the content — local or remote. Beyond reading further I recommend you look at Display Suite, or Contextual View Modes. I did this because I can hardly afford to install more modules on this site. Learn More

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How Arvixe Can Help with your Web Hosting Migration

How Arvixe Can Help with your Web Hosting Migration?

Even for an experienced webmaster or web hosting reseller, the idea of migrating accounts to a new hosting provider is intimidating. Sometimes a wide range of unpredictable problems come from nowhere, with your websites going offline as settings are updated and vital content lost in the migration process. Even if a migration does not run into any problems, it still represents a significant investment of time and hard work on your part. Learn More

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