SocialEngine 4: How to Optimize MySQL Tables

Andrew - SocialEngine

When you run a web platform like SocialEngine 4, WordPress or Drupal, you may not know that the database transactions can create overheads in the database tables. These overheads, as the name suggests, slow the database server performance since more memory is currently being used. So today we’ll give you a walk through on how you can optimize the MySQL tables to make your website more responsive. Learn More

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The MODX White Screen of Death

If a snippet, or sometimes a plugin, contains a fatal PHP error, you mayMODX logo end up looking at the MODX white screen of death. It’s usually a completely blank screen, though if you do a “View Source”, you may see the number one at the upper left of the screen — not much help.

In this article, we’ll look at a method that will sometimes tell you what went wrong. Learn More

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Changing a Members Status in Dolphin Pro

In today’s blog I’ll show you how to change a members “status” in Dolphin Pro. The 5 default statuses are “Unconfirmed”, “Approval”, “Active”, “Rejected” and “Suspended”.

Start by logging into the Dolphin Pro admin and clicking “Members” on the left bar menu. Learn More

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