Create a Market in Elgg

In this article I will explain how to create a market in your Elgg website. Using the Market plugin for Elgg you can implement a section on your website where users can share different items to advertise and sell. Learn More

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Alfresco Social Features

With dramatic upsurge in social media in today’s world it is vital to change most of existing products to include social features in product which Alfresco has realized very early and already adopted this. Here we are going to discuss alfresco capability around these social features. From version 4.0 Alfresco introduced a number of new social features.

Here are few most prominent social features: Learn More

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Setting Up Classified Ads on ocPortal

classified adsDepending on the purpose behind your ocPortal website, it may be you will want to generate revenue from your site. This could be just enough to cover running costs in which case Arvixe hosting should help with the fantastic pricing structure. It may be that you want to generate even more money than just covering costs. One way you could do this is by setting up classified ads on your site. Learn More

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