Drupal7: Amend View Header when no View Results present

David G - DrupalI have more than a few websites out in the wild (live). And occasionally all have some minor touch-ups they require from time to time for odd bugs or improvements — even though in general I consider the site completed and live. Recently a client approached me with an issue where some tokens within a View Header Area was not be replaced and I needed to quickly think of a fix. This blog post will outline the issue and solution I used. Learn More

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Detect mobile device in ASP.NET Web Forms

Currently, it is necessary to give relevance to mobile devices when we are developing an application web. In this article, I will show an example on how to detect a mobile device in ASP.NET Web Forms.

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SocialEngine 4: Prevent Right Clicks on Website

Andrew - SocialEngine

Some webmasters like to protect their sites and its users content.

One method of doing this is disabling the right click of the mouse button.

The script below is a cross browser DHTML script that will prevent the default right menu from popping up when the right mouse is clicked on the web page.

Webmasters can use it to stop users from easily saving your web page content, viewing its source, or lifting images off your site Learn More

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