SocialEngine 4: HTML GZIP Compression Server Error

Have you decided to try and compress your site with GZip Compression?Andrew - SocialEngine

Did you click the check box to
compress all HTML text using GZip compression and now you get an internal server error, cannot log into your admin panel to un-check that box to set it back to normal?

Well there is a quick and easy fix! Learn More

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Editing the ocPortal Front Page

In ocPortal, the front page is your home page e.g. nameOfSite/index.php and will look like this. It’s an area for new members to sign up or existing members to sign in.

This page can be left as it is or can be edited but to create some of our own content, we first need to understand what the existing content is.

Learn More

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WordPress: Turn Off Admin Bar

In WordPress 3.1 and later versions there is a brand new feature – the admin bar. It allows you to perform administrative tasks to your blog while browsing through its front end. Of course it requires from you to be logged in with a username that has admin privileges.

There are many people, however, that would like to disable this feature. Mainly because it moves your entire website with about half an inch down and creates conflicts with some themes. Learn More

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