Adding a Author Column to your ProSilver theme.

So I have noticed that there was some confusion regarding the lack of an author section in the ProSilver theme. So today I am going to show you how to add this. Now I assume that you know how to edit .css and HTML files from your own installation.

First we are going to get to the files that we need. You can use something such as FileZilla or you can do this via Arvixe’s handy file manager from your cpanel.

So first we are going to need to edit our content.css the path is as follows: Learn More

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WordPress : Enable Comments!

Enabling Comments on Your Site

Once you have decided on your discussion options, you are ready to enable comments. If you chose not to enable comments on all articles automatically, you can turn on comments for a specific post or pages in several ways.

Turning on Comments for a Single Post or Page

Learn More

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