Modify Administrator Password in MojoPortal

We have already examined the installation of MojoPortal in a previous article. You learned the steps required to add a page and content on it. It’s time to modify the administrator login email and password so that your site will be secure. Learn More

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Closing Thoughts on Textile in Textpattern CMS

In this most recent series of posts, I’ve introduced you to and demonstrated some of the fundamentals of the Textile text processor for the Textpattern CMS. Armed with these two tools, along with some of the ‘how to’ articles I’ve posted here, you should be in a position to install Textpattern to your Arvixe web hosting account and try them both out. I’ve written these articles as an introduction and/or primer for how Textile works, and while I don’t consider this a thorough tutorial series, it’s important that you know where to look should you want to find out more. Learn More

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Creating a Hidden Members Zone in ocPortal

permissionsIt’s quite common for community sites to have a hidden member’s area of the site where you can post private updates or information relating to things you don’t want guests to see. To do this there are effectively 3 tasks you need to have completed for the zone to work. There will be an extra task if you have set up Short URL’s. These tasks are Learn More

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