Drupal 7: Dkan_Datastore module, create SQL tables from file data

David G - DrupalThe DKAN_Datastore module is a submodule of the DKAN distribution by Nucivic. It allows you to take files uploaded to drupal as file fields and create an SQL table which Drupal is aware of using the Data module, and supports Views integration. I’ll give a brief overview of a usecase and example usage outside of DKAN in this blog post. Learn More

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StripWords Custom Output Modifier for MODX

Here’s a nice custom output modifier developed by MODX Forum userMODX logo michelle84. It removes or replaces unwanted words or phrases and can be used with any tag in MODX revolution. Learn More

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Working with the Dolphin Pro Host Tools

In today’s blog I’m going to show you how to use the Dolphin Pro “Host Tools”. Start by logging in to your admin panel and clicking “Host Tools” under the “Tools” heading on the left bar menu. Learn More

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