Drupal7: References Dialog module

David G - DrupalSo I have created a fair amount of websites in my career that relate data. But in Drupal, thus far I’ve rarely had a case to use the Entity Reference module. Which you’d think would be a prime candidate for relating things … but hey. I finally got around to using Entity References and wanted a slick way to allow content editors a means to Update or Create related entities. I think I found a nice solution. Learn More

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Enable Datalist in Alfresco site

In my previous article we briefly discussed datalists in Alfresco. Though we have had some questions on how you actually enable datalists and so, this is what this article will show you. By default when you create new site you will only be able to see the Document Library on your site. These are the steps which you need to follow to add datalist on a new Alfresco installation. Learn More

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Email Activation in Joomla

The Email Activation plugin makes it a requirement for your users to activate/confirm their account in the event they change their email address. The activation link will be sent to their new email address. In this article, I will explain how you can set the Email Activation within your Joomla website. Learn More

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