SocialEngine 4: Profile Activity Empty Fault

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Have you every had had your SocialEngine profile work as well as you expect?

Now when you visit a profile you need to click on Activity to see what the user has been up to?

Well it seems its a common fault within the SocialEngine Platform.

The Fault occurs when you have disabled plugins still sitting within a layout, due to the plugin being disabled Social Engine does not remove it from any Active Layout Templates.

profile blank

To fix this problem go to your Admin Panel and Layout Editor select Members Profile.

Once you have loaded the template you will see Shaded Widgets which are inactive, if you can remove the widget do so otherwise move the widget to the bottom of the Tab Table click on Save Changes and your done.

profile blank 2

If you go back to a members profile it will load without any issues now.

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Getting to know the Dolphin U Studio

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog we’ll take a look at the new Dolphin U Studio. The studio is basically the administration area of the latest version of Dolphin.

To enter the studio simply access “” and enter the user name and password you used when you installed Dolphin U.

dolphin u studio login

dolphin u studio login

Once inside you will see icons for all the available options and modules. In the top left corner of the screen will see a 4 directional arrow. This is used to move any of the icons you see on the screen.

studio icon mover

studio icon mover

The next icon beside the arrow is a star. It is used to show any favorites you have set in Studio.

dolphin studio favorites

dolphin studio favorites

On the top right you will see a house icon. This icon takes you to the home page of your website.

studio homepage icon

studio homepage icon

The final icon is the standard log in / log out icon.

dolphin studio log in log out

dolphin studio log in log out

Those are currently all the control icons in the Dolphin U Studio. Look for more to be added in the future.

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Opencart – PHP Coding (escaping data)

This is a continuation of the PHP coding articles I have been writing. This article covers a very important basic in PHP development, escaping data. Everywhere there is a heavy PHP development that requires inserting information into a Database, if it is scripted correctly you will see that this information/data is more than likely escaped. Escaping data is very important to maintaining the integrity of what goes into a database.

Golden Rule: Any data that is not filtered or escaped and is sent via means of someone else on your website is considered tainted. Let’s take a form submission for example. Jack Johnson fills out a contact form with his name, email, description and subject and pressed SEND. All of this text is considered tainted until escaped/filtered. Hackers just love to use contact forms for SQL injections and is an age old trick to gain access to areas of your server.

Learn More

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