How to add ‘Recent Posts’ in XenForo

Today we are going to discuss a pretty cool addition to any Xenforo site. The ability to have a Recent Posts page. Now this is a fairly simple thing to add so we will go ahead and add it to ours. What am I talking about? Well on a normal install you don’t have it like so: Learn More

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Overview of measures (weight and dimensions) in nopCommerce

As an online store owners, you have to manage a number of settings on your e-Commerce store. One of the important thing in maintaining an online store site is configuring weight and dimensions of the products / items that you are setting as shipping cost is calculated based on what you have saved in your database.

Today, we will go over the process of adding and editing the weights and dimensions in the default system as well as setting the primary weight and dimension used in nopCommerce.

Let us go over the process of how to add weights and dimensions. Learn More

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Social statistics in Joomla

The DZ SEO stats admin module allows you to check a brief overview of your website backlink profile and social activity. In this article I will show how to setup this module for checking information on the social activity of your website. Learn More

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