SocialEngine 4: Session.hash_function Fault

Andrew - SocialEngine

In Apple’s implementation of Apache/PHP, session.hash_function is set to sha512, which generates a 128-character hash. The DB table truncates at 32 (because SE4 is expecting md5 no sha512).

This triggers the following error in SocialEngine:

exception ‘Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception’ with message ‘Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry

To Fix this fault you can increase the value of number of character allowed in the ID column to 128 by following below steps: Learn More

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Introducing the “Show Me How” Feature

We’ve had a lot of exciting initiatives moving forward at Arvixe. Our most important priority is making sure our customers have the proper tools available to help you manage your accounts and ability to access resources for any questions or issues you may have.

Some of you may have noticed one of our newest features, Show Me How. When you first log into your billing account you’ll see an Easy On Screen Assistance pop up appear. Once logged in you can choose to Try It Now or continue into the billing panel without using the new feature. We’ve designed the Show Me How in way to make it easier for you to find the answers you’re looking for in a seamless and user friendly way.

Show Me How covers many topics. Some of these topics include:

  • How to Pay an Invoice
  • How to Add a Credit Card
  • How to Access cPanel
  • How to Submit a Ticket
  • How to Create an Email Account
  • How to Generate a Backup
  • How to Renew My Domain
  • How to Purchase an SSL Certificate
  • …and so much more!

Here’s a step by step guide (with pictures!) on how effectively use the new Show Me How in your billing dashboard:







We truly hope you enjoy this new feature. We’re always looking for feedback or suggestions so feel free to leave those in the comments if you have any regarding the new Show Me How feature!

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Detect Browser Capabilities in ASP.NET Web Forms

In the development of applications, it is very important to know if this will be compatible with various browsers. Knowing the capabilities of browsers, we may know if our application will run correctly. In this article, I’ll show you how to check the capabilities of a browser from an web form.

HttpBrowserCapabilities object

This object gets information from the browser or client device during an HTTP request, telling your application the type and level of support the browser or client device offers. Learn More

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