Alfresco Upgrading Tips

Most of the open source products like Alfresco which are rapidly evolving roll out new versions very regularly. Because there are lot of things going on the market especially mobile and cloud and to catch up with those new trends products has to evolve rapidly and accommodate new features in their products. So, with those new versions coming out rapidly customers are always want to stay up to date to get maximum out of the product and to achieve that they have to upgrade alfresco instance every now and then. Learn More

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Retrieve Server Error Logs in Joomla

If there’s an error in your website, the error log will help you to find out the cause of the error. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to retriever server error logs in Joomla. Learn More

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Drupal7: Logging and Alerts Module

David G - DrupalIn some of my recent websites I’ve had the drive to want to be notified with something is amiss. Or, a dreadful horrible php ERROR has occurred. The reasons for these notifications can be code updates, security vulnerabilities, Debug information on periodic tasks. I took some time and did an informal review of notification modules. I settled on a relatively old, but stable module called Logging and Alerts. Learn More

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