SocialEngine 4: Hide Message Icons

Andrew - SocialEngine

With all the newest themes out today a few users are wishing for the message icon not to be shown or have a pull down menu. This can be done in a number of ways, the easiest and quickest way for this to work is by changing a code in the CSS file. Learn More

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Customer Satisfaction Survey – January 2015

The results from our customer satisfaction surveys for the month of January are now available. Thanks again for those who completed the customer satisfaction surveys. We appreciate your participation and feedback.

3782 surveys were sent. Out of 299 survey responses the average rating was 8.6 and 91.3% would recommend us. Learn More

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Drush: Virtualhost and Hosts file management

David G - DrupalI recently purchased a new computer for my house. In setting up a development environment for projects I wanted to find a utility tool to manage Apache virtualhosts and my systems local Hosts file. In the past I’ve used tools like MAMP(pro), virtual machines, this small GUI tool called Rapache for Linux, or VirtualhostX for OSX. … Listing off all these tools kinda makes me feel old :/ haha.

I’ve talked about Drush alot in the past as a very useful Drupal shell. In doing research over the weekend I stumbled across the Drush Packages site. Therein I found the Drush-Virtualhost package created by David Reid. Drush-virtualhost is a set of Drush commands that help to you List, Add and Remove Apache virtualhost entries, start and stop the Apache webserver, and maintain your systems Hosts file so the locally defined websites resolve in your web browser. Learn More

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