How to Manage the “Spiders/Bots” that Come to Your phpBB Forums

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to discuss how to manage all of the bots/spiders that come to your forums.

So what are bot/spiders you ask? Well it’s really quite simple bot/spiders are automated agents most commonly used by search engines to update their databases. Learn More

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[WHMCS] Quotes

Sometimes offering fixed price packages is not possible, for example when doing web design with each project being unique from the next offering fixed prices can be very hard. Luckily with WHMCS you can use the Quotes feature to offer quotes on a per request basis easily turning those quotes into invoices.

To achieve this simply follow the instructions below: Learn More

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Setting Up Facebook Connect on Oxwall

Hey guys,
Today I am going to walk you through setting up Facebook Connect for your Oxwall website. It’s really not that hard and today we will show you just how easy it is with this video: Learn More

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