Introduction to HTML 5 and CSS3

Hello everyone!

I am starting a new series for the one who wishes to learn how to use HTML 5 and CSS 3.

In this series I will cover the basics of HTML 5 what it is and how it is used. I will go over basic terminology and how to use this to make your sites better. I will then show how CSS and HTML combine to make amazing webpages! Learn More

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Content Auditing in Alfresco

Auditing in CMS

When any organization use CMS like Alfresco to store their business critical documents Most of the times they will come up with requirement of Auditing where they want to track all user activities on business critical documents to ensure the security and detect potential security breaches.  It becomes very important requirement in those cases where documents are very critical and each and every activity on them should be monitored. Learn More

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Manage Links in Alfresco Site

Links are important components for any blog or site. Alfresco also has a similar functionality where you can have dedicated pages inside your site to manage all your links. From that page you can manage all your links.

Configure Sites to add Link Page Learn More

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