Drupal7: Recipe to save Webform2PDF pdfs to server directory

David G - DrupalProblem:

A website blew up on me (I think due to human error). This site was built quickly in ~2 weeks and uses the Webform module to collect academic references for incoming students for research programs. While the site was built quickly, I do use for example the Backup and Migrate module to routinely backup the website at least daily. But, the site got hosed, and there were 150+ webform submissions which I did not know if the client had successfully used Webform2PDF default PDF mechanism to archive all the submissions to PDF… I wanted to generate every single webform submission as a PDF and store it on the server, and email the client all these PDFs as insurance while we triage the site problems and possibly reset the webapp to an initial known state. Read on to see how I save all webform submissions as PDFs using contributed modules to automate the process.

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How to stop registering guest sessions in Clip-Bucket v2.6

Maintaining a fast Clip-Bucket powered website when you are getting more and more traffic can be a challenging task most of the time. Today I will show you a simple trick that will speed up your website and reduce the database usage and size quite a bit. You will learn how to stop recording guest sessions in v2.6.

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[TomatoCart] How to clear the piwik service from your store

Some users may still use the previous versions of TomatoCart that included the Piwik service to track a stores visitors. The data will be stored in the database. So, this will impact the performance of store because there will be more and more data to be saved into the database. It would be better to remove it and just use the Google Analytics service.

Now, I will teach you how to clear the Piwik data and files completely from your store:

Step 1. Disable the piwik service under admin panel > start menu > Modules > Services.


Step 2. Remove the piwik database tables.

Snip20150225_8As you can see, i used the phpmyadmin tool to remove the tables from mysql database. In general, you could find the same tool in the database section of your host cpanel. You have to find all of the tables prefixed with toc_piwik and then select them. Finally, you just need to choose the drop option to delete the selected tables.

Step 3. Delete piwik.php under includes > modules > services fold.












Step 4. Delete piwik.php under admin > includes > modules > services fold.

Now, the piwik service is cleared from your store. Don’t forget to backup whole store files and database before applying above changes for your store.


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