Calculating Percent of Total in a SQL Select Statement

I am always amazed at how SQL server provides a lot of calculations and logic built right into a select statement. Most of the time (if you are like me) you spend 85% of your time writing basic Select statements with a variety of where clauses. However last week I came across a need to get the percent of total for 1000’s of records. In other words assume you have this data. Learn More

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Status Indicators in Alfresco Share

Alfresco Share was initially launched only for providing collaboration platform on top of alfresco repository but due to its rich User Interface and flexible surf framework it become popular rapidly and then gradually all functions of repository are available in Share and it becomes main platform for everything. Learn More

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TomatoCart v1. to v1.1.8.5 Upgrade Guide!

You may not find the upgrade guide from TomatoCart to v1.1.8.5. Here it is the detailed upgrade guide for it. If you are still using the TomatoCart v., it’s time to upgrade your system to v1.1.8.5. Learn More

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