Scheduled Action in Alfresco

Alfresco provide one great feature which allows you to schedule particular operation so that it will be executed repeatedly after defined time intervals. Many times this kind of requirement comes which where this feature come in handy for instance if we want to archive the old contents which are older or send report mail to moderators on daily basis from repository. Learn More

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ocPortal Roundup 4

bug fixesSince the last round up I wrote up there has been two incremental updates for ocPortal 9.0.12 and 9.0.13 so I thought it was worth going into the fixes and changes in the two updates. I’ve upgraded several sites through both of these patches and not hit any issues at all so I recommend making sure your sites are updated as soon as possible. Of the two updates 9.0.12 is the larger of the two but I’ll go through the key elements of each.

9.0.12 Learn More

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Introduction to CSS3 Part 2

Welcome everyone to part 2 of the CSS3 introduction.

Today we are going to go more in depth into selectors so let’s get started! Learn More

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