OpenCart – Responsive Backgrounds

CSS in itself is an amazing scripting language and a great asset to anyone serious about having true cross-browser, good-looking, accessible websites. CSS has come a long way with what it can do. In fact, it is becoming limitless for design junkies.

What is responsive?

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Drupal7: MediaElement Module

As a last minute request for a client I was asked to embed an MP3 onto a website. Typically I stream mp3 using a QuickTime Server and a special setup. In this case the client had only a single MP3 file to playback on their website.

Doing a little bit of research I came across this great module called MediaElement for Drupal7. This module uses mediaelement.js to provide a consistently themed media player for your multimedia files across all major browsers. The benefits listed on the project page are: Learn More

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Using Specific ConnectStrings in Applications

If you have built any application you know that a large part of an application is saving and retrieving data from some sort of storage. This storage comes in a multitude of types. It can be Microsofts’s Excel, SQL, Oracle, MySQL, oData, Exchange, etc. And although the general syntax is similar they each have their specific values.

I have provided a list of some common ways to connect to different data. If you can’t find it in this list then head on over to and find more examples. Learn More

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