Drupal7: Multiple Value Fields UX and Display

David G - DrupalIn a current project migrating a massive legacy site into Drupal 7. I have all the U.S. presidents inaugural addresses and biographical information in a database. This includes photos of presidents throughout their life and during their time in office. The legacy database could have many photos for a president in the form of: 13a.jpg, 13b.jpg, 13c.jpg. Where 13 is the presidential number (Millard Fillmore) who has in this case 3 photos: photo A, photo B and photo C. When migrated to drupal these photos are changed to: millard_fillmore.jpg, millard_fillmore_1.jpg and millard_fillmore_2.jpg … if you’d like to see how to migrate Images and transform filenames please request the blog post, or perhaps I’ll supply it later. While I’m storing all this data I want to make it easy to update and display a limited set of it by default. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Upload Links Missing Apple Devices

Andrew - SocialEngine

As many of users are aware now, Apple devices iOS’s has supported photo uploads for several versions now.

The Albums injects a Javascript to hide the photo upload buttons in full site.

In the file listed below you will see the direct path to find the script which needs to be edited. Learn More

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Using Textpattern CMS `newer` and `older` tags

admin-ajaxThis is part four of my five part series on Textpattern CMS navigational tags. I’m going to follow the format of the previous posts and explain about a couple of Textpattern tags, their attributes and typical usage. Getting to grips with tags will make your Textpattern experience more fulfilling and perhaps even a heck of a lot easier when you grasp the fundamentals of how they work. In this article, I’m going to cover two tags: Learn More

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