Introduction to CSS3 Part 5

Hello and welcome to another installment of CSS3 for beginners we have covered so much stuff its crazy! But fear not readers for there is even more to cover! Today we are covering Boxes and Borders! It’s some pretty awesome stuff although it can be pretty long to code out so let’s take our time and take some deep breaths because you are in for a long one! Learn More

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Remove Mail Aliases in WebsitePanel

In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to remove mail aliases in WebsitePanel Learn More

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OxWall Newsfeed Fix to Show Correct Avatars

One thing I have never understood about the OxWall newsfeed system is the way liking and commenting seems to work. If I post a link it shows in the newsfeed that I posted it. If *Patricia* likes or comments the post then it changes the avatar from mine to hers. This sounds ok in theory but in reality it make it appear as if *Patrica* was the one who posted. See example in this picture. Learn More

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