Working with the Dolphin U Navigation Menus

Hello and welcome! Today we’re going to take a look at the Dolphin U navigation menu editor. This will let you customize any of the Dolphin U navigation menus and make it easier to get around your site.

Start by logging in the Dolphin U studio and clicking the “Navigation” icon.

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Understanding Textpattern CMS , and tags


Each Textpattern CMS article has one, two or three timestamps. Every article has, by definition, a publication timestamp when it becomes visible. If that article is subsequently modified, an additional timestamp is enabled which is updated to indicate the most recent edit or modification. Finally, if the article is set to expire at a given point, then an expiry date is also applied. If the article is never modified, and is not set to expire, only the publication timestamp is set.

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Registration Group Filter in Joomla

This plugin allows you to filter new users into the Joomla user groups based on their email domain. For example, this is useful when you need to register only the employees of your company email domain and prevent access to spammers. In this article I will explain how to establish a registration group filter in Joomla. Learn More

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