LogPageNotFound Dashboard Widget for MODX

Almost all the credit for this blog post should go to Susan Ottwell (sottwell) who developed this widget and was kind enough to share it with me.

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Drupal7: Asset Module, a Media Management Alternative

assetContinuing to review Media related modules in Drupal7 I have stumbled across the Asset module. It is similar in nature to the Media, Media Gallery or Scald module.

You can try the Asset module yourself at their test site.

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The Concrete5 Layout Tool

You could possibly view thousands of themes and not find one that displays columns and separates content the way you visualize. Concrete5 has a built in layout tool that gives you the added flexibility needed when it comes to adapting page design by subdividing areas to the proportions you desire. The following screencast will introduce you to using this helpful feature. Learn More

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