Drupal7: Filefield Sources Module

David G - Drupal

In my Drupal usage and experience I have come to use many modules. But often I find myself learning new features about a module I’ve been previously using. When this happens I try to evaluate how this makes the module more flexible, or limiting if I encountered a bug I didn’t expect. A module I use often is Filefield Sources — but until recently I did not know it could easily move files around your file-system (within reason). Learn More

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Manage Links in Alfresco

In Alfresco we have a concept of Links which acts like shortcuts within repository. For instance we have a folder which we need to show in two different hierarchies creating duplicate copy is not a solution to achieve that because it will be difficult to keep both copy in sync. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Add Clickable IP Info

This mod will change the showing of Members Statistics in APAndrew - SocialEngine

Installation is quite simple: Learn More

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