[TomatoCart] Store Google fonts in your web server directly

It is important to use beautiful web font for your store to enhance the user experience. Google hosts a lot of  beautiful and open source web fonts. In most cases, fonts are adopted onto websites using one of the 2 following methods: Learn More

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Filter Products By Manufacturer in the PrestaShop Back Office

In this PrestaShop tutorial, we will add a column to filter by manufacturer, in the back office Products Catalog Learn More

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Example Solr Faceted Search blocks

David G - DrupalFor a Drupal site that is using Apache Solr we wanted site visitors to be able to widdle down within search results they are browsing. This is typically called Faceted Searching on search platforms. In a previous blog post I wrote about how to configure Apache Solr locally on your network and how to make Drupal aware of Solr through the Search API. In this blog post I’ll specifically be discussing some of the features you can use with Faceted Searches and Solr + Drupal. Learn More

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