Save Prestashop Custom fields on “Add to cart” – Part 2

After tackling text fields, in this second part we will see how to add Ajax uploads for file customizations in Prestashop.

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Drupal7: Multifield Module

David G - DrupalOn a recent project I want to have related fields within a content type and I want some flexibility on what that data is. An example of this I want an entity reference field and I want to be able to add a 2nd field that says what type of person this is, a husband, a wife. Or I may want a collection of media items and the ability to say what type of media this is. There are many solutions to this in Drupal, we are talking about compound fields or relational fields. Existing modules include Field Collection, the Relation module, Entity Reference (for 1 field) — and for display purposes you could think that Paragraphs meets this need. A relatively new module in this space is the Multifield module. Conceptually it is similar to the Field Collection module but instead of using Drupal Entities to store the compound data, it uses Fields within the existing entity (subfields essentially) and kind of uses some hacks to accomplish this. It attempts to improve performance in complex drupal sites by using Fields will use less MySQL Joins.

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MODX Upcoming Teaser Outside of Articles

In the previous article, we looked at a way to display a “teaser” for MODX logoupcoming blog posts, but what if you want to use the same idea for non-articles? In this one, we’ll modify the code slightly to allow it to work with other resource types. This will also be a good example of how to modify a snippet while maintaining backward compatibility. Learn More

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