Control Indexing of Content in Alfresco

Alfresco indexes all properties of alfresco contents and actual text from content for some of the content types (ex.word,pdf,doc). Indexing of text from content is only possible for all content types for which conversion to text file possible because Alfresco internally use Lucence to index everything and Lucene only able to read text file so, when you upload pdf file internally it gets converted into text file and then consumed by Lucene to index all its data. This is how it works but sometimes we have requirements where we do not to index some of the contents

How can we control indexing for particular content? Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Change Color of your Blocks

Do you wish to have a real customized Social Engine Theme you may be faced with issues if you wish to change the color of your blocks you have on your site. Learn More

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TextPattern CMS Plugins: Introducing wet_parachute


Textpattern CMS core developers all make plugins to extend its functionality without bloat. One of these plugins is wet_parachute; an extension to Textpattern to warn authors that they are leaving the Write tab when unsaved text is present. Some browsers already have this functionality baked in and others will ignore the plugin completely, so this is an ideal example of something that works for some people some of the time. If it’s not a good fit for a particular situation, for example with an incompatible browser, then it need not be installed. Learn More

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