Sneak Peak at the New Oxwall Photo Plugin

Ah, the last breathes of winter… It’s getting warmer, so the life’s good, and that’s exactly the attitude that boosts our strive to get a few more ideas through to the next release. One such idea is the improvement of the Photos plugin – a real essential toy in the arsenal of any serious social site. Our goal here is to fix all the obvious bugs and add some exciting options to make users happier. Learn More

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Piwik: Tracking Campaigns

piwikFor a website I work on regularly we send out notifications that students must complete course review surveys at the end of every school quarter.

We want to send out notifications such that students must see these notifications somehow, and respond to our request. Currently we send out recurring emails and also notify students through a custom dashboard notification in our campuswide Moodle installation.

In order to better gauge our notification throughput: Learn More

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Create a Visual Studio Project to Use Mashape APIs

If you are a developer than you are very aware of API’s and if you use the web to develop then you are even more familiar with web API’s. I have created many web API projects for clients but there are sometimes when you want a very specific mashapeAPI but you don’t want to reinvent a wheel when a wheel has already been created by someone else. This is where mashape comes in. (You can even make a little gas money)

Learn More

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