Drupal 8: Composer based installation and Multiple Drushes

David G - DrupalRecently at work I started working with Drupal 8 RC1. In the past I’ve attempted to work on Drupal 8 but with early adoption I ran into issues such as trying to run an older version of Drush for my Drupal 7 sites, and a newer version of Drush for Drupal 8. I also ran into the issue of trying to find a simple means to include module(s) and updates from 3rd party code into my Drupal 8 sandbox. In beginning to work with RC1 I found this very interesting github project which creates a Drupal 8 project and manages it’s dependencies via Composer. This project is called: drupal-project and it is a composer template for starting a drupal 8 website project.

With my foray into using Composer based Drupal project building I took copious notes along the way. Herein you’ll find some of my observations. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Typo In Title Tags

Andrew - SocialEngine

There is a small bug in SocialEngine, a typo on the results page. When you run a search the title tag within your browser might show “searc” which doesn’t look very professional.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can very easily correct this. Learn More

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