CMIS APIs in Alfresco

Although we had glanced through CMIS API in some of my previous articles, with the increase developments in CMIS it is important to get into depth of them so here is few details to get start with CMIS APIs in Alfresco. Learn More

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Textpattern CMS conditional tags:


The first Textpattern CMS conditional tag to learn about is `<txp:else />`. It’s a standout tag when compared alongside the other 32 conditional tags because it can be legitimately used in any of these tags. It’s typically used in the following situation:

do something
<txp:else />
do something else

Note: there is no `<txp:if_something>` tag – it’s just used for this example. In the above code, Textpattern will check for something, and if that check returns a true or positive value, it will `do something`. If it comes back false or negative, it will `do something else`. Replacing `<txp:if_something>` with a proper tag – say, `<txp:if_excerpt />` – and the actions with something helpful will help you understand the Textpattern logic further. Learn More

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