Drupal8 Contrib Module Support 02/28/2014

Drupal8Logo_0Drupal 8 is currently available for Developer testing and usage at Alpha9 as of February 19, 2014. Nightly Drupal8 work may even be fetched if you know how to use Git.

While Drupal8 advances to completion and Release, you may want to know how many Community Modules (Contrib modules) are compatible with the newest version of Drupal? Where do you look to find out if a module you typically use currently has Drupal8 support or whether or not it is planned? Learn More

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Manage Word Censoring in phpBB


Making sure that your members follow a strict word censorship policy is important on a forum that is suitable for all ages.  So knowing how to enable word censorship is very important.

I will show you how to do so below: Learn More

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OpenCart – Massive SQL Insert

There will be times that you will be using the Opencart framework for your own web applications where the goal will not be eCommerce or having an online store. In doing this you may find yourself needing to perform a massive INSERT QUERY to your Database where the option to import via .CSV or EXCEL is not actually an option because other things will need to happen during the INSERT that CSV import can’t do. I wanted to write an article on how to properly INSERT tons of data into a MYSQL TABLE without bogging your system down because if done incorrectly you could be looking at hours upon hours of script time…which always leads to browser/session issues and/or php/mysql setting issues. To be fair, it’s never a great idea to perform massive data entry purely with a php function but sometimes there is no way around it. Learn More

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