Editing Gets Better with TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin

WordPress provides a default text editor with only few options without any menus. TinyMCE Advanced plugin provides more features and plugins, which enable you to add advanced formatting options into your WordPress posts using both menus and icons on the Toolbar. For instance, you can easily insert date and time into your post either from the menu bar or the toolbar while composing a blog post. Learn More

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WordPress: Uploading Files

To upload files, you can use the Dashboard or one of the recommended editors and upload your files via FTP.

This article tells you how to upload files using the Dashboard.

Learn More

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Ten Textpattern Tips, #3: Show More Detailed Checkbox


Textpattern CMS ships with 3 administrative themes: Hive, Classic and Remora. The default is Classic – and it’s my personal favourite. It is, however, possible to miss some of the useful functionality that’s tucked away in the user interface. One thing I want to draw your attention to in my Ten Textpattern Tips is the existence of an oft-forgotten checkbox: show more detail. This checkbox is located in the bottom left of each of the list tabs: Articles, Images, Files, Links and Comments. It’s particularly useful if you are in the upper echelons of the Textpattern user hierarchy, or if you have a keen interest on keeping tabs of the content within a Textpattern website. Learn More

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