How to add scroll to top button in nopCommerce

Adding a “scroll to top” (or back to top) button on your store site is a great way to allow users to easily navigate on long scrolling pages. The main aim behind adding this button to your site is that when a user scroll past a certain point, a button appear that enables the users to go back at the top of a page.

On majority of the websites, this kind of button is usually placed on either the lower right of the page or in the website footer to make it easier for users to go back at the top of the page on a single click.

Today we will go over the process of adding this button in nopCommerce based site. Learn More

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How to change the color of tags in Xenforo

So one of the coolest things that Xenforo has is a tag section. It makes it pretty easy to see what your members are searching and the tags that they are using to do so.

By editing the extras.css we can add awesome colored tags to our forums. So what do I mean by tags? Well if you go to your forum and you navigate to tags you will see that there are a bunch of tags! It looks like the following image: Learn More

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[TomatoCart] – Cache home page to speed up loading your store

When a customer accesses the home page of your online store, the system needs to load numerous resources which will impact the speed to load your home page. In this article, I will show a cache solution to speed up loading the home page both for glassgray and bootstrap template. Learn More

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