Imploding an Associative Array

In the previous article, I said that implode() only works on simMODX logople, numeric arrays, but what if you want to do something similar with an associative array of keys and values. You can create a new array that implode() will like and run impolde() on that array. In this article we’ll see how. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: How To Remove Powered By

Andrew - SocialEngine

Many users like to remove the ‘Powered by’ line in the footer as it can hide the fact your website is powered by a 3rd party software. It is also a great way to increase security as you won’t appear in search engine results for ‘Powered by SocialEngine’ (something which hackers do look for). Learn More

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Encourage user interaction with a C5 survey on your site.

Your visitors will spend more time on your website and may be more likely to revisit when you give them an opportunity to be involved in it. The Concrete5 survey block is easy to set up anywhere you wish in just moments. Find out how this attractive block can be installed in the following screen-cast. It has a clean and professional look that your users are sure to respond to!
Learn More

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