Installing the Dolphin 7.1.4 Membership Module

Hello and welcome! In today’s article, I’m going to show you how to install the membership module in your Dolphin 7.1.4 website.

Start by logging into our Dolphin admin menu. Once inside, click the “+ Add & Manage” link under the “Modules” submenu. Learn More

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Create Replication Job in Alfresco

In alfresco Share after Alfresco WCM has been deprecated there are two significant features introduced to compensate for old Alfresco WCM features. In erstwhile Alfresco AVM we had features of snapshot deployment and sandboxes to create separate Alfresco staging environment and Alfresco production environment. With the help of those features we were able to have multiple authoring sandboxes for different authors and they can create contents independently and then deploy it to main staging sandbox. Learn More

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Rebuild Publishing Profile with WebsitePanel

To publish an Application or Website after setting up remote management, you can download a .PublishSettings file that you can use with Visual Studio or WebMatrix for publishing. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to Rebuild Publishing Profile with WebsitePanel Learn More

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