Drupal8: Verbose Error Messages

In beginning to wet my feet with Drupal8 development I ran into this interesting problem as seen in this screenshot:

Oh great, an Error. Egads!

An error that appears upon site installation sometimes.

Is there some way we remedy this problem, or somehow get more information at the problem at hand to debug and fix it?
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Add a Hard Link to All Video Pages in Oxwall

Hey Guys,
Found another cool trick that really helps in the marketing department. The video below explains more, but basically I am going to show you how to add an auto hardlink to all video descriptions being added to your Oxwall site. Learn More

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OpenCart – postGreSql

This article will list some of the most popular postGreSql tools out there and how to use one of them with your Opencart Mysql Database.

What is postGreSql?

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