Edit Wire Post in Elgg

The Wire is a feature that allows users to publish short messages within an Elgg network. It is a fast way to socially interact with people. However, it is a very basic feature and it doesn’t let users to edit their wire posts. In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to edit wire posts in Elgg. Learn More

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Using getValue() with Date Fields in MODX

In a recent article, we looked at a very fast and efficient xPDO method for getting the value of a single field from a MODX object using the getValue method of the xPDO object. For example, this code will get the introtext field from a resource with the pagetitle “Products”:

$query = $modx->newQuery('modResource', array(
    'pagetitle' => 'Products',
$intro = $modx->getValue($query->prepare());

In this article, we’ll look at using it with date fields like createdon, and publishedon. Learn More

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