Showing Blank Rows in Crystal Reports

In helping someone on the forums, I came across an interesting question relating to Crystal Reports. Most reports created print one row for each returned record. There is maybe a header, footer and group by section but in the end there is one row for each returned record. What if you have a need to print a row for the full page, whether or not there are rows for each record? For example; you want this… Learn More

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How to Show “spend X to get Free Shipping” in PrestaShop

In this PrestaShop tutorial, we will see how to boost our sales by letting customers know how much they still have to spend in order to be eligible for free shipping.

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OpenCart – Mobile Ready Web Text

In my web design experience it is now more than ever critical that you design your Opencart store to be MOBILE READY. In today’s day and age it seems that everyone is always on their mobile phone and more people are surfing the web from mobile devices.  This obviously creates a need for your website to show up in good form on your users mobile device as well as the web. Learn More

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