Autoupdate or not autoupdate? That is the question

Nothing is more easy than having a WordPress blog that automatically updates. You can use that time to play with your kid, take the dog out, even play something nice on TV.
Nothing scares me most than a process that is changing anything in my client websites while I’m off my computer playing with my son, walking the dog or watching a movie, and I don’t even know that process started.

I don’t want to realize that a site is down, or broken because my client is calling to give me the notice.

So, what do I do? Learn More

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Essential Prestashop Functions – Day 2

Prestashop has lots of time-saving functions that we can use when developing modules or extensions. In this second batch we will examine database-related methods.

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Drupal7: Video Embed Field

David G - DrupalWhile working on projects recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with other developers and designers. This means I get to step outside my typical sphere of knowledge, habits and building blocks and use tools I don’t typically get exposure with. One such example of this is the Video Embed Field for Drupal 7 I’ve just installed on a project because the other group of developers typically use this field for hosted media embedding. How I haven’t made this module into a staple module if my site installs is beyond me 😀 Learn More

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