MODX Snippet Development IV

In the last article, we cleaned up our code and gave the snippet a single exMODX logoit point. But there’s still a problem with the design. We’ll fix that in this article and begin adding some features that improve the snippet’s flexibility. Learn More

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Prestashop 101 Day 10 (1.6) – Prestashop Customers

Time to get in touch with your customers. In this lesson we will have a look at all features concerning Prestashop customers: their information, customer groups, and the customer service.
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Drupal7: Menu Select module

David G - DrupalI’m always on the lookout for new and interesting modules. I especially like modules which I feel will make my clients life easier! I regularly attend Drupal meetups and browse Drupal related forums, groups and aggregation sites looking for relevant Drupal news. Recently I was shown the Menu Select module. I can see how for many projects its user interface could be more appealing for the non-technical enduser. Learn More

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