How to Set Up Trophies on Xenforo Forum’s

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Today we are going to talk about an awesome default feature in Xenforo. The Trophies. These allow you to setup a way for your member’s to have some kind of incentive to continue to post on your forums. So let’s get right down to the basic nitty gritty of it all.

First of all go ahead and log into your Admin Panel. After you do this Click Users and you will be taken to the following page: Learn More

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Alfresco Trashcan Management

In this article regarding alfresco content life-cycle we had seen that once alfresco content is being deleted from alfresco user interface it will not directly deleted. It will be moved to alfresco trashcan so accidentally if you have deleted something from alfresco share or explorer user interface need not to worry about it. You have different ways to recover those items.

Trashcan Manager From Alfresco Share Learn More

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OpenCart – Responsive Backgrounds

CSS in itself is an amazing scripting language and a great asset to anyone serious about having true cross-browser, good-looking, accessible websites. CSS has come a long way with what it can do. In fact, it is becoming limitless for design junkies.

What is responsive?

Learn More

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