Drupal7: MediaElement Module

As a last minute request for a client I was asked to embed an MP3 onto a website. Typically I stream mp3 using a QuickTime Server and a special setup. In this case the client had only a single MP3 file to playback on their website.

Doing a little bit of research I came across this great module called MediaElement for Drupal7. This module uses mediaelement.js to provide a consistently themed media player for your multimedia files across all major browsers. The benefits listed on the project page are: Learn More

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Using Specific ConnectStrings in Applications

If you have built any application you know that a large part of an application is saving and retrieving data from some sort of storage. This storage comes in a multitude of types. It can be Microsofts’s Excel, SQL, Oracle, MySQL, oData, Exchange, etc. And although the general syntax is similar they each have their specific values.

I have provided a list of some common ways to connect to different data. If you can’t find it in this list then head on over to www.Connectionstrings.com and find more examples. Learn More

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Add New Content to Alfresco Share Page

Alfresco share is very good introduction from Alfresco which provides Interface for accessing repository and also provides full fledge Collaboration platform created on top of Alfresco repository. Learn More

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