Opencart – PHP Coding (escaping data)

This is a continuation of the PHP coding articles I have been writing. This article covers a very important basic in PHP development, escaping data. Everywhere there is a heavy PHP development that requires inserting information into a Database, if it is scripted correctly you will see that this information/data is more than likely escaped. Escaping data is very important to maintaining the integrity of what goes into a database.

Golden Rule: Any data that is not filtered or escaped and is sent via means of someone else on your website is considered tainted. Let’s take a form submission for example. Jack Johnson fills out a contact form with his name, email, description and subject and pressed SEND. All of this text is considered tainted until escaped/filtered. Hackers just love to use contact forms for SQL injections and is an age old trick to gain access to areas of your server.

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Page Navigation in WordPress

By default WordPress includes a very basic pagination system though what if you wanted more? Using the plugin WP-PageNavi you can customize the pagination system from layout, styling and so on.

If you run a big blog, you should implement page navigation so that your users can easily navigate across the blog. WP-PageNavi is a WordPress plugin with which you can easily add page navigation.

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How to set up a Private Forum in Xenforo

Hello everyone! Today we are going to discuss how to setup private forums for your XenForo forum board. It’s quite a easy task and I will take you through it.

First step go ahead and log into your Admin Control Panel. From there you are going to look for:

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