OxWall Newsfeed Fix to Show Correct Avatars

One thing I have never understood about the OxWall newsfeed system is the way liking and commenting seems to work. If I post a link it shows in the newsfeed that I posted it. If *Patricia* likes or comments the post then it changes the avatar from mine to hers. This sounds ok in theory but in reality it make it appear as if *Patrica* was the one who posted. See example in this picture. Learn More

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Ten Textpattern Tips, #1: Visitor Log Management


I’ve been using Textpattern CMS for a number of years. During this time, I’ve learned a lot – whether it’s from A/B testing, digging around in the configuration settings or satisfying my curiosity with trial and error. Whenever I show Textpattern to a user or administrator, I like to share some of the things I’ve gathered over the years. With that in mind, my latest series of articles is called Ten Textpattern Tips. In this series, I’ll share ten things I’ve learned that I believe will be useful to you as an administrator or contributor of Textpattern. Please note, they are not in any particular order of importance, so please don’t treat this as a top-ten chart hit rundown that you’d hear on the radio. As always, your comments are welcome on any or all of my published tips. Learn More

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OpenCart – Using HTML LABEL Tag

What is more annoying than when you try and click on a radio button text and the button doesn’t check off? This is because too often designers do not use the LABEL tag when building web forms…or just using the form attribute Radio. Using the LABEL tag is very simple to do and worth it especially if you expect to provide a useable button that users are promised to actually click. If you don’t then what happens is that your users will only be able to click on the actual radio circle “button” and not the text. Using the LABEL tag will allow for the text that is next to it to activate the button too, when clicked on. Learn More

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