Using the Concrete5 Composer Option to Create Content

Concrete5 is known for its simplicity of page and content editing from the front end… but there are times that having a template for creating content in the Dashboard is desirable. This is where Composer fits in. The following screencast will introduce you to setting up an easy to use page template for creating content. Learn More

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Arvixe 2013 Management Retreat in Maui, Hawaii

The Arvixe management team has just returned from a 5 day retreat in the city of Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii! While time traveling may be a fun concept it took everyone some time to adjust to the time zone difference. However, that didn’t stop everyone from enjoying great food, drinks, and shopping as well as other activities such as canoeing, surfing, and bike rides in the warm (but humid) weather.
Learn More

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Why Do I Use Classic Theme in Textpattern?

I’ve had some really valuable feedback on my Textpattern CMS posts on the Arvixe blog so far, a few of which have made me think about the way these articles are written. One question that has been raised by more than one person (thanks, Mantesh and Ricardo) is how I use the Classic administration theme in my screenshots rather than the more modern Hive theme. This is a great question, and one which I’ll cover in this post. Learn More

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