Newsletters in Joomla

“SP Newsletters” is a complete newsletter system in Joomla. This extension allows you to create newsletters from scratch and is very easy to use. SP Newsletters component combines the Joomla powerful content engine and the new user groups system. In this article I will explain about newsletters in Joomla. Learn More

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How to remove nopCommerce site news feed from the administration dashboard in nopCommerce

Many times when developers are working on any nopCommerce based websites, they like to remove the nopCommerce site news feed from the administration dashboard before delivering the project.

Today we will discuss, how to remove this news feed in the code.

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Understanding Textpattern CMS tag


In Textpattern CMS, articles typically comprise of an article title, some article body text and sometimes an article excerpt, perhaps to summarize or provide a call to action. Each of these components is stored as text fields in the Textpattern CMS database and can be outputted to the browser using Textpattern-specific tags in your theme code. While a typical Textpattern CMS instance typically follows this title + body approach, it’s possible—and pretty straightforward—to have additional information stored in each article, outside of the bounds of the title, body and excerpt.

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