Silverstripe 3.1 Siteconfig and Masterslider Part 1

In this tutorial I will show you how to add the Masterslider to place a video or an image in the header of your homepage, or every page. We picked Masterslider as it is responsive so will work great with all your users, regardless of device. In this first post we will build the page-type files to mysite/code/ folder. Also we add the extra text layers. And build the theme for the slider. In the 2nd part I show you where to upload and how to customize the slider. In last 3rd part I will show you how add the text layers in admin and also how to use the slider. Learn More

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[nopCommerce] Add ‘Continue Shopping’ button on empty cart page

Many e-Commerce websites offer different features that keeps the online customers engaged in the store. One of these features is “Continue Shopping” button that you may have see on many sites and the main aim of this button is to take the online shoppers back to the product catalog or homepage so that they can browse other items.

Adding the “Continue Shopping” button to the empty cart page in nopCommerce can be quite useful in order to make it convenient for online customers to go back to homepage to look for other products.

This requires a little bit of work in the code as nopCommerce does not offer this feature out of the box.

The default nopCommerce empty cart page looks like this: Learn More

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Security and Content Tips for elgg

Elgg networks always need to be protected. Spam is a serious threat and it can fill your network with useless data and waste useful server resources. There are times that you can’t keep track of everything, that’s why in this article I will give you some security and content tips for Elgg Learn More

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