[TomatoCart] – improve the sort by functionality within product listing page

In the tomatocart bootstrap template, your customers could sort the products by:

  • product name in a ascend sequence.
  • product name in a descend sequence.
  • product price in a ascend sequence.
  • product price in a descend sequence.


I think this sort order functionality has following problems from a customer of pointer view: Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Contact Form and Email

Andrew - SocialEngine

Are you having E-Mail issues?

Members are not receiving any activation or message emails?

If someone uses the Contact Form do you get the message?

Most faults with the messaging system is due to the incorrect setup of the system it self.

This Guide will help guide you through the correct setup of a social engine Mail System. Learn More

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Using an Autoloader to Load Classes

In the previous articles, we looked at ways to prevent collisions betweMODX logoen functions and classes. In this article, we’ll see how to make that more convenient by using an autoloader that loads class files automatically without include or require statements. Learn More

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