drupal 7: Entityspice module, generate custom entities easily!

David G - DrupalAs I create Drupal sites I create many types of content. Sometimes I want to create content which has a use on the website, but the data related to the content entry shouldn’t be seen by the public as a Node (Nodes default url is public in Drupal by default). Nodes are also heavyweight in Drupal — Entities are lighter. So I’d love to make entities for everything. But, entities can be cumbersome to create. Recently I found the EntitySpice module which uses Drush to create a generator function that will output a complete useable (basic) module for a custom Entity. You may then tweak the resulting code and Entity from within Drupal. Allow me to give a full example of using Entityspice and its cook generator command. Learn More

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Using explode() to Create Associative Arrays

In the previous article, we saw how to use explode() to create a simple array of names. In this one, we'll send an extra bit of information along with each name to demonstrate how to create an associative array where the key is the username and the value is the email address.. Learn More

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Changing the Admin Password in Dolphin Pro

In today’s blog I’ll show you how to change the Dolphin Pro admin password.

Start by logging into the Dolphin Pro admin area and clicking “Admin Password” under the “Settings” tab on the left bar menu. Learn More

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