Enhancing CKEditor

CKEditor is a WYSIWYG editor that allows users a greater versatility, functionality and simple management in text editing. For that reason it has become the default text editor in Elgg 1.9. In this article I will show how to enhance CKEditor with more cool features Learn More

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Drupal 7: Context Docket Module

David G - DrupalWhenever I’m using Drupal as a site administrator I look for tools that help me to better navigate the aadministrationpages. Sometimes there may be many mouse-clicks and page(s) of navigation to accomplish a task. A prime example of this is the steps necessary for making a new menu item in an existing or new menu. It’s like 4 mouse clicks and 3 pages to accomplish this task, ouch! Some modules such as module filter and the fast permissions administration help to streamline administration usage. I’ve mentioned these modules in the past. A new module entering this space is the Context Docket module. Learn More

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[TomatoCart] Add menu icon for bootstrap template

In this article, I will teach you how to add menu icons for the bootstrap template and show it in the top menus of store front. It looks like:


The menu icon should be added for each menu under admin panel > Catalog > Categories module as below:


Once save the icon, it will be shown in the grid:


Steps to integrate this feature into your store

1. Download bootstrap_menu_icon.zip package at https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggvb9v6zbeq2dqm/bootstrap_menu_icon.zip?dl=0

2. Unzip it and then you will see following files:










3. Backup the same files in your current TomatoCart system directory for applying the code changes safely.

4. Copy above admin, includes, templates folds into your TomatoCart root directory to override the original ones.

After that, you just need to upload the icon for each menu in the admin panel. The uploaded icon for each menu will shown as expected in the bootstrap store front.

Enjoy it!

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