Handle CSRF filter in Alfresco

Alfresco share is collaboration platform built using spring surf on top of Alfresco repository. For communication with Alfresco repository it use datawebscripts. So, all those artifacts of repository needs to be exposed as a webscript to make it consumable by Alfresco share.

Now it could create security concern because as all of your contents and other information is exposed as webscripts it create high security concern because any intruder could manipulate data which is stored in repository using few tricks. Alfresco has introced CSRF filter to prevent that. Learn More

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How to change background color of top menu in nopCommerce

nopCommerce comes with a free default clean theme that fulfills most of the store owner’s needs as it is a clean, responsive and modern theme. But, there are times when you need to modify the default style, layout or colors in order to make your site look a bit different from other websites. In some cases, the reason is purely brand related as you need your website to reflect the same colors as your brand logo.

Today, we will go over the process of changing background color of top menu in nopCommerce. Learn More

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How to add a pop up delay in Xenforo

So when you go to different tabs in your Xenforo page you may notice that they pop up. Well you can change that.

You will need Filezilla and if you need to know how to use it please follow my blog on how to do so here.

Its really quite simple we are going to navigate to the following path and download the file so that we can edit it and re upload it:


Once you do that it will look like this: Learn More

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