File Manager Features in Concrete5

Having all your files and images in one easy to access area for site maintenance is a great feature of Concrete5 websites. However, as your site grows, even the sensible layout of the File Manager can become a little unwieldy. The following screen-cast will introduce you to a few of the options available to you for customizing and sorting your File Manager into the streamlined tool it’s capable of being. Learn More

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Session Lifetime in Joomla 3

The Session Life time in Joomla is about the auto log out a User after they have been inactive for the established number of minutes. Joomla allows you to change the lifetime to increase or decrease. In this article I will explain how to set the Session Lifetime in Joomla. Follow these steps: Learn More

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Fix Textpattern: Slow Loading Articles


Textpattern CMS includes a number of functions to reduce the prevalence of comment spam on your website. One of these is a cross-check against one or more known spam-producing IP block lists. A check takes place when a comment is submitted, and an additional check takes place when comments are subsequently rendered. If a spammer leaves a comment which tallies up with an IP from a known spam source on the block list, the comment will not be submitted. If a spam comment does creep through, and I can tell you anecdotally this is rare compared to other content management systems, then it can be marked as spam in the administration side of Textpattern. Learn More

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