How to change media settings from database to filemanager in nopCommerce

A lot of developers prefer to store all the images (including products, categories, profile avatar, manufacturer images etc) in the file manager as compared to storing everything in the database. The reason is quite simple, the more products you add, the more images you will have and hence the size of the database will increase drastically if you keep storing all the media in your database. This can result in a significant drop in performance if you have a lot of products/media on your store site.

The database is set as the default location for media in nopCommerce out of the box. It is always good idea to change it to “filemanager”, if you are planning to add many products and in this article, I will show you how. Learn More

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Add a Preview text for threads in Xenforo

Today we are going to discuss how to add a inline text preview of your threads.

What I mean is that when you hover over a thread you will have a box that pop’s up and shows you a short description like the following: Learn More

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[TomatoCart Mobile] Swipe product images in the product info page of bootstrap

The default product info page in the mobile device is not good enough. It would be better to let your customers swipe the product images directly on their mobile phone. In this article, I will show you a solution for this feature. An example can be seen in the below image: Learn More

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