HypeGallery for Elgg

Tidypics is a popular image gallery plugin for elgg. It lets users share images across elgg. However it lacks a lot of key features and needs redesign. HypeGallery offers functionality and also a good design. In this article I will review HypeGallery for elgg 1.8 Learn More

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Stanford’s Open Framework Drupal 7 Base Theme

OFW_logo_bw_1Working in Higher Ed I like to take a step back from my local Drupal development resources and search for new perspectives and ideas on how to approach tasks using Drupal.

I released these 2 projects recently: Learn More

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Internationalize your Blog with WP Translate WordPress Plugin

If you run high traffic WordPress based blog or site, you need to integrate a plugin such as WP Translate so that visitors who are not proficient with English will be able to view the site using the language of their choice. This will also boost traffic to your blog content thus increasing revenues from advertisements.

The plugin adds a Google Translate widget to the top of the blog, which enable visitors to translate the website content to any language from the provided list. Learn More

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