Alfresco Javabacked Webscripts

Alfresco webscripts provide a great power to extend or consume Alfresco repository and thus make it easy to integrate with other web application or other repositories. Now we had seen most of the things about webscripts in these posts.

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Overview of type property for specification attributes in nopCommerce

Until now, the functionality of adding specification attributes for any product only allowed store owners to display attribute values as simple plain text. Now, with the release of new nopCommerce 3.5 version, a store owner can easily add specification attributes values in several types like:
– Custom text
– HTML text

As of now, the specification attributes in  a nopCommerce site were simple like this:

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Captcha Protection in ASP.Net

Captcha is a tool that helps protect your site from automated bots that waste precious server resources. It has been implemented in several CMS, however, there’s no straightforward guide for ASP implementation, and that’s why in this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to integrate Captcha in ASP.Net Learn More

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