Streamline Your Editing Tasks in Concrete5

We all have our favored process and order of doing edits, and every website has a slightly different selection of features. So why do we keep using our “toolbox” of editing tools and blocks in the same order for every site? The following video will give you some quick tips on how to re-order and display frequently used tools to your advantage. Learn More

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Drupal8: In with PSR-4, Out with PSR-0

php-med-trans-lightA significant change is coming down the pipe for Drupal 8 development. PSR-4 support is here! In the long term it will be the defacto standard for autoloading classes from file paths in Drupal 8. Prior to this Changeset Notification Drupal 8 supported PSR-0 autoloading.
Learn More

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Add Watermark To Photos On Site in SocialEngine

How many of you have wanted to place a watermark on all of your images?

This is a small trick I have found which was for WordPress but have made changes to a few things to allow it to work with SocialEngine Learn More

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