Faceted Search in Alfresco5

It’s been a while since Alfresco 5.0 was released and lots of promising features has have introduced in this version. So, it will be unfair if I will not introduce you to any of those feature. Here I will take you through one of the long awaited feature which has been introduced with this version. Without further suspense let me reveal that I am talking about “Faceted Search” feature. Learn More

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Session Handler in Joomla 3

Selects the mechanism used to hold session information between one page request and the next one from the same user. In this article I will explain how to set the Session Handler in Joomla. Follow these steps: Learn More

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How to manage locale string resources in nopCommerce

Today, we will discuss how to manage locale string resources of each store for any published language. The benefit of using locale string resource is that if you have multi-store or if you allows your customers (or users) to view your store site in different languages, you can easily set up a resource string with its value and based on the language, it will change automatically instead of you saving each languages text as hard code.

In order to manage the string resources, go to: Administration > Configuration > Languages Learn More

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