Add a Twitter Button to Your Textpattern CMS Articles


Last time I sucked up my dislike of Facebook and showed you how to set up an article ‘share’ button on your Textpattern CMS articles. Today, thankfully, it’s a Facebook-free post; I’m going to show you how to link Twitter to your articles. In many ways, the process to add the Twitter button is similar to Facebook – there’s a chunk of code to load some JavaScript and another bit to set the button up. Learn More

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Using Alternate Page URLs in Concrete5

For those of you that have recreated a website (or just modified page names as your site grew), the ability to have an old page path redirected to where you want it instead of showing a “404” or “No such Page” message is of obvious importance. A simple method of adding alternate page URLs is covered in the following screen-cast and it will help keep your website relevant to visitors as well as aiding search engines in directing visitors to the appropriate page. Learn More

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How to Add New Color Schemes to the Prestashop 1.6 Theme

The Prestashop 1.6 theme configurator comes with 8 built in color schemes. That said, it might be worth knowing how to add new ones, when needed! Let’s see how to do it manually, and also with the help of a free module I created.

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