Oxwall Dev Diary, April 30, 2014 New Changes Coming in 1.6.1

Dev Diary, April 30, 2014
Posted on April 30, 2014 by alina
Here we are again with our Dev Diary series. This time we want to let you know about the upcoming changes in internal communication tools in Oxwall. Learn More

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Form Control Parameters in Alfresco Share

Alfresco share which relies heavily on Share forms to manage content operations like creation, editing, view. Forms are not only limited to that even certain actions also use these forms internally to configure pages which need to be shown or more precisely to generate form which will be used to take user inputs during execution of action. One more usage is to configure workflow User Interface. Each and every task detail page of workflow is associated with one form in alfresco share. Learn More

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Adding an Activity Feed to your ocPortal Website

activity feedWhile social media has in some senses replaced many functions of traditional community or forum based websites, there is still a case for a separate community based site.  I personally am an advocate of a synergy between social media and a community based website. In any large group of people you will have some who don’t want to use social media and some who will not want to sign up to another website. Learn More

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