Prestashop: Upgrade-safe template modifications

If you have ever been frustrated because your template modifications got lost after upgrading, here is the final, bulletproof solution for upgrade-safe PrestaShop template modifications (with overrides!).

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Add new page wizard

ocPortal bread crumb menu

In your admin zone hover over “Structure” and select “Add-New-Page Wizard.

Add a new page wizard in ocPortal

Step 1 of 3 asks us where we would like to add the new page and for this tutorial we will add the page to the site the fifth option.

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Bypassing MODX to Write Directly to the Database

In some previous articles, we discussed fast ways to get data from the database in MODX Revolution, but what if you want to update the database? Suppose that you also want to bypass MODX to write a raw value directly to the database.

In this article, we’ll look at a fast way to set specific object fields using straight MySQL. In the following article, we’ll look at another way that’s more convenient but not quite as fast.

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