Zurmo – Where to Find the Source Code

Zurmo CRM comes in two basic flavors, the commercial edition, and the community edition. The community edition is licensed under the AGPL/3 . Source code for the community edition is available for anyone to review, modify, and propose changes.

We define the term “repository”, or “repo” as a storage location for source code. In this post we will learn how to access the public source code repository for ZURMO CRM community edition. Even if you are not a developer, you will find it useful to browse the repo from time to time. Learn More

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TinyMce or CkEditor in Elgg: Which One is the Best?

TinyMce and CKEditor are WYSIWYG text editors that allows you to write text with some formatting in elgg. However, there’s the question which one is the best for an elgg network? In this article I will review both WISIWYG text editors for elgg 1.8

Learn More

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Enable JBPM Workflow Engine in Alfresco

Workflows are integral part of Enterprise content management system. Alfresco supports two different workflow engines called JBPM and Activiti to meet up their Business Process Engine requirement which could allow accommodation of business processes which are related to contents stored in Alfresco. This is very essential because it helps in keeping everything centralizes within on system.

Both these engines are open- source with little difference among both of them. Learn More

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