Up and running with Textpattern CMS and Bootstrap 3


I explained some of my personal favourite Textpattern CMS tips and tricks on the Arvixe blog back in spring 2014. I received a bunch of really positive and insightful feedback as a result of my ‘Ten Textpattern Tips’ series so it’s only fair that I roll out some more secret-ish weapons from my Textpattern arsenal. This time around, I’m going for a longer series of articles that I’ve tagged as the ‘Twenty Textpattern Tips and Tricks’ series. The series is broken down into 4 parts, and each part is a mini-series of 5 articles:

  • website construction
  • website optimisation
  • website maintenance
  • website traffic analysis

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SocialEngine 4: Tiny Mce Editor Error

Andrew - SocialEngine

The WSYWYG text areas in SocialEngine break a very-well-established user interface convention, within composing messages between users.

Normal behaviour:
1. Click mouse inside text area.
2. Blinking I-beam appears. (User knows that app/site/software/everything is ready to accept typing.)
3. User begins typing. Learn More

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Creating Links Redirection in Joomla

Redirect Manager is a component that helps to redirect broken links or change links to other pages. In this article I will explain about how to create redirection links in Joomla. Follow these steps: Learn More

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