Export Import Command Line Tools

There can be many occasions where we need to do an import or export of Alfresco data (user, groups, contents, rules, customization), thankfully, Alfresco supports and import/export tool which comes handy for such situations.

These Tools internally consume Alfresco Repository Foundation APIs. This means they execute stand-alone with an embedded Repository. To perform an export and/or import via these tools, you need to configure the repository to ensure the appropriate storage locations (e.g. database and file system directory) are used. The only thing we need to make sure is Alfresco database is up and running while we execute this tool. Learn More

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Opencart 2.0 – PHP Coding (Understanding Classes)

This article will offer a basic understanding of Classes, what they are and how they relate to the Opencart framework. Perhaps this knowledge would be beneficial to those that just want a basic understanding of the Opencart “core”, or for developers to extend development off of the core to code out extensions/plugins, or customization. Learn More

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Diagnosing MODX Revolution Permission Problems

MODX logoWhen I first thought of the snippet below, I thought it was a brilliant idea. On further reflection, I have to confess that it’s a lot less useful than I thought. I hope, though, that it’s still useful for helping people understand Revolution permissions. You may find it helpful in specific situations. Learn More

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