Protecting WordPress Login and Beyond

Your website is like your home, you have information that you want to share, and there is information that you don’t want to share. But most important, your WordPress website is there for a reason, maybe business, share personal information with your family and friends, tell the world want you think, and so on.

In any case, it is yours, so you might want to lock it down preventing users from being able to access. In this article, I am going to show you how you can do just that. Learn More

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Adding Videos to your Dolphin Pro Website

In today’s blog we’ll talk about using the video module that comes with your Dolphin Pro website. First we must install the module in the admin area. After you login the module will be found on the left bar menu under “Modules” and then “Add & Manage”. Learn More

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Drupal 7: Aggregate Totals for Webform Grid Component

David G - DrupalI have a project I have mentioned here frequently in the past. The application accepts student referrals from off-campus community members. In the webform to be completed by the public the client includes a Grid Component. The client wants to count the number of total values selected per column and append it to grid output. I set out to complete this task and ultimately, like the solution I chose. Learn More

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