How to view customers by order total report in nopCommerce

In order to manage and analyze the well-being of an e-Commerce store site, it is quite important for an online business owner to have access to sales and marketing reports. In nopCommerce, sales and customers report gives you access to invaluable data that is not easy to generate manually. Reports are an integral part of managing an active business to track all the processes and see if business goals have are being achieved or not.

Today, we will look into the necessary steps to view customers by order total report in nopCommerce. Learn More

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Cookies alert for Joomla

Folcomedia – Cookies Alert is a tool that allows us to display a message on your site in order to alert the user that your site uses cookies to collect other information. In this article I will show how to display Cookies alert for Joomla. Learn More

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Scheduled video captures on Ubuntu 14.04 using Bash

David G - DrupalAs I’ve mentioned in other blog posts I occasionally attend E-classes on interesting topics. Lately, I have been attending a Korean 101 course on The instructor, class participants and (informal) course curriculum is great! Occasionally my schedule is tight to attend ever Tuesday/Thursday class meeting, and even if I attend all the classes I fear I could not retain all the content that was presented in the 1 or 2 hour sessions. So when I realized I’d sign up and participate in this course I decided to attempt to script recording my browser window and capturing the audio feed through my speakers to archive and review later. Here are some of the tools, steps and scripts I have used in a workflow to automate these recording sessions. Learn More

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