Opencart 2.0 – PowerPoint Viewer

There are times when perhaps you will need to allow your customers to see a digital file before they purchase. If you are selling digital goods such as Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, this article will show you how to give your customers a way to watch your .PPT file, but not download it and/or alter it. After all you don’t want anyone redistributing the PowerPoint file nor altering it. This article will not however show you how to set it up to where once a customer purchases the file , what to do after the fact. Learn More

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Drupal7: Site Audit Drush tool

David G - DrupalWhen working on projects. I attempt to leverage toolsets that perform broad tasks (like Drush) or automate things that I could do manually — but may be cumbersome. In preparing to release a new a site from a Drupal6 to Drupal7 upgrade I figured … hey I wonder if there’s some sort of automated Audit I can perform on the website. I stumbled across the Site Audit tool in recent Drupal news. So I decided to give it a whirl. Learn More

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Attach Source to Alfresco Dependency in Maven

With the recent developments in Alfresco SDK since Alfresco 4.2 community version they have mavenized complete SDK and ANT is no longer being used. So, now all our repository and share related alfresco projects will also be managed by maven. During development we often needs to look in to the source of alfresco to get idea on various APIs of Alfresco hence it is required to set dependency properly and attach source to those alfresco dependency jar files. Learn More

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