Cool Fonts in WordPress

Well, the days of “Arial, Verdana, San serif” fonts for a webpage are over.
The old stigma of having a simple font so the browser can render the font is no longer valid, you can use any font you want in a website… well, almost. Learn More

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Essential Prestashop Functions – Day 5

PrestaShop has lots of time-saving functions that we can use when developing modules or extensions. In today’s batch, we will examine template level functions.

Learn More

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Set the Unpublish Date of a Resource Automatically

The method used here was inspired by a MODX forum post from MODX logoMichelle84. The idea is that you might have time-sensitive resources that should be unpublis
hed after a certain amount of time.




MODX resources can be scheduled for “unpublication” using the Unpublish Date on the Create/Edit Resource panel, but it’s a pain to have to set this for every resource you create, and it’s easy to forget. The unpublish date is stored in the unpub_date field of the resource, and it’s actually pretty easy to create a plugin to set it automatically. In this article we’ll see a couple of ways to do it. Learn More

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