Drupal 7: Views Global Combine Fields Filter

David G - DrupalRecently a client wanted to show a list of uploaded File:description values from uploaded files. Using the file_entity module Files in Drupal become 1st class citizens in Drupal and 1 piece of information they have is a description. Out of the box Drupal 7/8 have basic file information such as type, extension, size, location — but no description.

I wanted to list all uploaded files and provide a way to search across all the provided descriptions submitted by students. Unfortunately, at this time you cannot do this with Drupal 7 or 8 (alpha 12). Not being able to use the file:description field in Views is discussed in this issue queue item for Drupal 6 (yikes!! the history here …). How can we make a simple custom search filter across multiple fields on our site using Views? Learn More

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Getting Started with ClipBucket

In the previous video, you learned about the necessary steps to install ClipBucket. The next process is to upload videos you have created to your own ClipBucket powered video portal. Learn More

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Fix Textpattern: admin-side Stuck on Languages


Regular readers will know I am keen on taking backups of your stuff, whether it’s for Textpattern CMS or something else entirely. Having a backup regime in place will save you time and frustration if there is a problem with your site. Computers go wrong from time to time, it’s a fact of life and as perverse as this may sound I believe everyone should have one data loss incident without backups to show what can happen. I don’t wish anyone ill will at all, and clearly I don’t want your vital, precious stuff to be lost in an incident, but in my 30+ years of using computers I’ve adjusted to taking regular backups of things I consider valuable. Learn More

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