SEO Data Transporter Simplifies SEO Plugin Migration

Imagine you had installed a WordPress plugin such as Platinum SEO or All-in-One SEO pack and you wish to migrate to a plugin which is updated regularly by the developer. I choose Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for the purpose of this article.

If your blog is established with more than 100 posts, you need to export all the existing meta data listed on the Platinum SEO pack so that the entire structure of your existing blog is preserved. Learn More

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Textpattern CMS Plugins: Introducing smd_user_manager


For the final instalment in this short series of articles about Textpattern CMS plugins, it’s time for another Stef Dawson plugin. Meet smd_user_manager . This plugin is relevant for multi-user Textpattern instances and allows finer control over the user experience. Rather than adding additional fields to the administration panel of Textpattern, it replaces the Admin → Users tab entirely. The Users tab usually looks like this: Learn More

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Backgrounds Configuration in Joomla

In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to configure different background style to individual pages in Joomla. Follow these steps: Learn More

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