[TomatoCart] Failed to Update the Currency Exchange Rates Automatically

A few days ago, a user contacted me to report that the currency exchange rates can’t be updated anymore in the Definitions > Currencies module. After clicking the Update Currency Exchange Rates button, several error messages were shown in the feedback dialog.

After debugging the currencies module, I found out that the Google Finance APIs are no longer available to be accessed. This result in the issue. Learn More

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Change the Offline Message in Joomla

When you have your site offline, Joomla allows you to put a message explaining to visitors that the site is unavailable. You can very easily personalize this message and change it by following these steps: Learn More

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Redacting Data in SSRS 2012 When Printing or Exporting

In the age of paying for the weight of your recycling trash or kids trying to convince the Federal Government to change the font on all documents to save ink, I thought it was my time to offer up a solution that could save you and your company millions of dollars annually. Ok, maybe that is a little ambitious but read on! Learn More

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