[TomatoCart]Add checkboxes in attribute groups window of admin panel

One community user report following problem:

If admin needs to remove many attributes groups it shall be able to remove them fast. Now admin can delete attributes groups only one by one

If you face the same problem, please improve the module as follow. Learn More

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Opencart 2.0 (Choosing the best hardware)

It is important to choose the hardware that best suits your shopping cart needs. Knowing this, in this article I’ll point out some basic points to help you choose the best hardware possible. The last thing that you want is to set your customer base up on a system that is lacking the performance it needs to provide a stable, efficient, wonderful shopping experience. These type of requirements only get more critical the more customers you get along with your inventory growing. It’s inevitable, if you grow then you will need the hardware to match the rate of growth. Learn More

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Drupal7: Customizing Admin Vertical Tabs

David G - DrupalIn a recent project I’m developing the content types contain 20 or 30 fields at times. By default Drupal simply lays out all the fields you add to a Content Type in 1 single looooong list. For many clients, and with large content types, this default behavior can become unwieldy. Having used the module before for laying out other pieces of a website I recalled the Field Group module could be used to customize the Edit Pages used when adding or editing Drupal content. So I wanted to take groups of my fields that are related and add them to (vertical) tabs on the edit page. For example all my media fields, or all the fields I’m referring to as metadata fields for the content type. Learn More

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