Get a Link to the First Child of a Resource

A MODX user asked for a snippet to create a link to the first child of the current resource, using the child’s pagetitle as the link text. This snippet will do that. It assumes that the first child is defined as the one with the lowest menuindex. If your Resource tree is sorted by menuindex (the default sorting method), the link will be to the resource just below the current resource in the tree. Learn More

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Checking Out the New Oxwall 1.7 Message System

Let’s get inside the new Oxwall 1.7 and see what makes it tick! The new message system is awesome and acts much like that of Facebook’s. Learn More

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Iterate Node Properties in Alfresco Freemarker File

In my past projects most of the times alfresco being used in backend to store contents and front end is built using portal or other web application now whenever this kind of architecture exist there is going to be requirement where we need to expose alfresco repository to front-end system. Most of the times when we pull alfresco contents from alfresco repository through webscript based on some business logic we get list of nodeRefs or nodes. Learn More

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