[WHMCS] Support Department Levels

In web hosting it is very common to have multiple level support departments (primarily level 1 – 3) but out of the box, WHMCS does not have a feature to properly accommodate this. We can however use a workaround to achieve this. Learn More

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Open Source Mobile Game Development: LibGDX

libgdx_thumbI create websites by day (and sometimes by night, hah!) … but lately I’ve had an idea for a mobile video game. Much of my work currently involves developing a simple game concept, design diagrams and doing basic research in the realm. I’ve never created a full video game before — although I do have a commit to an old repository ages ago on a project I never committed anything relevant too (like maybe a decade ago!).

In my research I wanted to see what I could create the game in such that it could run on the desktop and also mobile devices. I researched Unity, some Ruby game frameworks and then settled on LibGDX. Learn More

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Drupal8: Migrate Upgrade Module

Drupal8Logo_0Recently I’ve been working on beginning porting a Drupal 6 site to Drupal 8 — and whether or not I should attempt to upgrade through Drupal 7. For my needs I will likely try to push my website to Drupal 7 and attempt to use some of the Community Modules in Drupal 7 to perform some labor intensive tasks for which Drupal 8 code currently does not exist for. But there is an alternative in the works to ease future Upgrades between major Drupal versions. Learn More

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