Using a CRM with your WordPress

When you run a business online many tasks can be automated and linked to your website. However, to contact and manage your clients it is a good idea to implement a CRM (Or Customer Relationship Management software). Learn More

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How to upload new file types with the Prestashop Filemanager

If you are struggling with FTP every time you need to upload something that is not an image/video to link it with the rich text editor’s filemanager in Prestashop, here is the solution.

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SocialEngine 4: Moving Your Website

Andrew - SocialEngine

Need to transfer your website to a different server? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

There are two main steps you’ll take to accomplish this goal: backup your website on your current server, and reinstall on the new server.

Quick side note before you start: don’t cancel your current hosting plan yet! Make sure the transition to the new server is successful first. That way if anything goes wrong, you have a stable copy to restart from, and you can avoid downtime for your site. Learn More

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