Finding Week Number in SQL Based on Fiscal Period

If your fiscal year matches the calendar year then SQL has an easy process of find the week number. You simply use something like this: Learn More

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WordPress – Change Your Feed

If terms like feed, syndication, and RSS make your head spin, stop right now and read an Introduction to Syndication. That will give you a good overview of feeds and syndication. We have an article on WordPress Feeds to help you understand the basics, if you need them, but from here on, this article assumes that you know the basics of what feeds are and how they are used.

Learn More

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Understanding Feed Links in Textpattern CMS


Textpattern CMS includes inbuilt functionality for syndication feeds, specifically RSS and Atom. At a high level, your readers can receive data feeds of articles from your site in a feed reader of their choice, be it an online service like Feedly or a locally-installed application like RSSOwl. Regardless of the type of feed reader, it’s important to understand the different ways Textpattern articles can be syndicated. Learn More

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