Drupal 7: Node Convert Module

David G - DrupalAs my current project is wrapping up…  my clients have last minute change requests. In this project the site is moving from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. In the past the website had a Drupal Book content type that had a Graduate Program Handbook for prospective students entering a college’s graduate program. In moving to Drupal 7 the client had many change requests. During the final last minute changes of the website I was able to install and play with the Node Convert module.  Learn More

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How to correct image meta tags to show big thumbails on Facebook in Clip-Bucket v2.6

When you share a photo from your Clip-Bucket powered website on Facebook, you will notice that the thumbnail will appear very small. In this article, you will learn how to make these thumbnails change to a bigger size. Tested on v2.6.

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Textpattern CMS conditional tags: nesting in action


At a base level, Textpattern CMS conditional tags check on the status of a thing (i.e., is the thing an article, is there an excerpt with this article, is the HTTP response code 200, and so forth), evaluate them as true or false, then either do a thing that you ask or do nothing. That’s about it, really. With that in mind, it’s sometimes challenging to talk about certain Textpattern CMS tags in depth, especially conditional tags, because there is no real depth to them. Conditional tags work in pairs with the enclosed stuff dictating what should happen when a condition evaluates as true, and if you throw in some `<txp:else />` you can choose what happens when condition doesn’t evaluate to true, which covers all your bases. Learn More

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