Starting Idle Tasks in WebsitePanel

Scheduled Tasks is a built in feature in WebsitePanel that allows you to run certain tasks (backup, send emails, send zip files) at a given time that can be set daily, weekly, monthly or once. In this article, I will show you how to run an idle task again without re-scheduling it again. Learn More

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Alfresco Share Architecture Changes

Alfresco was using JSF based web client for User-Interface in its earlier versions. Since around version 3.2 they have introduced a new Spring surf based Interface called Alfresco Share. The main goals were to provide collaboration platform on top of Alfresco repository with rich user interface and make development much faster and more flexible and make it competent with other proprietary competitors. Learn More

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Drupal – Drush Command Concurrency

Drush supports many ways of specifying local and remote sites using site-aliases. There is also a method to support a group of site aliases and a generic multi-site identifier when issuing commands. Learn More

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