Configuring the Number of Featured Products on Homepage in nopCommerce

Many times, nopCommerce users struggle while changing the number of features products that are being displayed on the homepage. In many situations, users might want to display a specific number of featured products depending on the design of the homepage (like 4 products per row or 5 and so on).  Well, the number of featured products is NOT hardcoded anymore in nopCommerce 3.4 like some of the previous versions. Learn More

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phpMyAdmin usage over an SSH Tunnel in Drupal

David G - DrupalAt my work I was created a new Staging or Demonstration server. This is a server that I can use to show preview of web applications to clientele. As I develop on a laptop my own system is not always available so a dedicated system for Staging use is beneficial to my clients. My sysadmin provided a new system running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. And he stated: I have also given you sudo access to update, install and uninstall as well as write to the apache2 directory and php5 directory.  Mysql 5.5 is on there and you have an account accessible from localhost with the username dgurba. I don’t like doing work over the command line for database development, I prefer phpMyAdmin which I’ve used for many years. So I wanted to make use of phpMyAdmin locally installed on my laptop, to this remote server over an SSH connection. Learn More

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WordPress : Best Practices For Posting

You can say or show the world anything you like on your WordPress site. Here are some tips you need to know to help you write your posts in WordPress.

Learn More

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