Using the Dolphin Pro Mass Mailer

In this blog we’ll take a look at the built in mass mailer that comes with Dolphin Pro. It’s capable of sending emails to your members a few at a time, so as to not break the spam threshold. Learn More

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Mail Groups in WebSitePanel (VPS)

In this article we are going explain how to create a mail group, what is mail group? Essentially is a mail that is create to redirect mails to a group of mail accounts. In order to do this we need to login into WebSitePanel and follow the next steps. Learn More

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Using Textpattern CMS `site_name`, `site_slogan` and `site_url` tags


Textpattern CMS-powered websites can make use of an extensive array of tags, which translate into markup on the rendered page. Many of the tags can be used to extract information from individual content items, be it an article, image, file or comment. Some tags, however, operate at a much more broad level outside of any content items, and these three will extract information about the website:

  • site_name
  • site_slogan
  • site_url

Learn More

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