Making Short Profile URLs in Elgg

Something that elgg sites have is that they use long urls for profile pages. There is no guide for making then short and easy to share. Until now.

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Elgg Spams Issue

Several weeks ago, there has been an increase of spammers on elgg powered sites. According to latest research, there are several bots that are in charge of registering on your website with random usernames and posting tons of spam blogs in sites with poor security.

Spams are a very important issue. It takes out bandwidth and it can make your site go into the website blacklist. However, there is an open source plugin to protect your site from bot spammers.

This tool is only to protect your site from bots spammers, not humans spammers. It is called recaptcha, and you can download it here: reCaptcha

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Using Greek Collation on ASP.NET and MSSQL

I recently transfered my website to ARVIXE, which includes a forum powered by an MSSQL database.

The forum is in the Greek language and thus, the posts contained latin and non-latin (Greek) characters. While the forum displayed nicely on my former web hosting company, the Greek text was garbled on ARVIXE. This was a major problem since the forum constituted some 75% of the total traffic of the site (around 700K pageviews/month). Learn More

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