Export and Import Plugin Status in elgg

On a previous article, I showed you how to properly migrate an Elgg network. In this article I will show you how to export and import the order and status of plugins in Elgg Learn More

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Post-installation Messages for Joomla

Post-installation messages – This feature informs the site administrator about features that require your attention after the successful installation of extensions, components or something related to the Joomla performance. In this article I will explain how to access to “Post-installation messages” in Joomla. Learn More

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Create New Theme in Alfresco share

In an earlier post we had explored how Alfresco theme is structured and where can we see all related files for all out of box Alfresco themes.

Here we will see how to add new  theme to Alfresco share because clients wants to customize the look and feel of Alfresco based on their requirements and you need to create new theme for client. Learn More

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