How to increase the speed of high traffic Clip-Bucket v2 websites

If you are one of the fortunate website of owners of a high popularity Clip-Bucket website, you might have found yourself struggling with a slow website due to the high traffic you get. There are many ways of optimizing a website such as code, database and server optimizations. Today I will show you a very simple trick that will relieve load on your database. Tested on v2.6.

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Textpattern CMS conditional tags: nesting or not


In my previous article regarding Textpattern CMS conditional tags, I walked through an example code chunk that used a bunch of conditional tags to context-sensitively populate the `<title>` of a web page. The code used nested tags (i.e., tags inside tags) to figure out what was going on and output the appropriate parts of the `<title>`. Here’s the code I used: Learn More

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XPath Query in Alfresco

For a developer normally when they hear about Xpath they think about the expression to select nodes in XML document because as per the W3C, XPath is a major element in W3C’s XSLT standard and as per Wikipedia also XPath, the XML Path Language, is a query language for selecting nodes from an XML document. Now let’s get in to the world of Alfresco. Learn More

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