Determine the Last Time a SQL Trigger was Used

In SQL 2008 and higher there is a new feature that can help audit triggers. By running the script below you can get some important information about triggers that are running or possibly just as important, analyzing triggers that have not ran. It can also help in understanding how long it takes a trigger to run (execution time) and how many times the trigger has executed. Learn More

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Editing Menus in ocPortal

menu managementYour primary site menu is how most site visitors will find their way around your website and as such it’s important you are able to edit it to reflect the key areas of your ocPortal website. This tutorial will guide you through from creating a new menu from scratch and populating it with links. Learn More

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Get a Link to the First Child of a Resource

A MODX user asked for a snippet to create a link to the first child of the current resource, using the child’s pagetitle as the link text. This snippet will do that. It assumes that the first child is defined as the one with the lowest menuindex. If your Resource tree is sorted by menuindex (the default sorting method), the link will be to the resource just below the current resource in the tree. Learn More

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