OpenCart Event Notifications(Alerts)

One of the exciting features introduced in OpenCart 2.0 is the Alerts section, available in the admin panel.  In an earlier post I have given you a brief idea about this particular section and here we will go into more depth of that feature. Learn More

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Remove “by Fawaz Tahir..” when sharing a video in Clip-Bucket v2.7


Now that I’ve finally given myself the time to play with v2.7, I found out that whenever you share a video (on Facebook, for example), it always has the legend “by Fawaz Tahir –”. Learn how to replace that with your own verbiage.

Learn More

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How to customize the Item Box in nopCommerce

Many developers / web designers like to customize the default theme that comes with nopCommerce out of the box. If you want to make the product picture bigger or smaller or if you like to add some hover over effects on itembox when a customer places the pointer on the the products. Today, we will go over different ways to customize them itembox in nopCommerce.

In order to accomplish this, you will have  to customize the design in a few areas.

Point# 1) You can change the product image size (and other media setting) by going to: Learn More

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