Add Custom Action in Alfresco Share

In Alfresco there are various actions available on user interface through which you can manipulate contents. Those actions are very important as it helps user to manage contents easily and enable them to operate on content. We can see few actions on document listing and when we go to document details page we can see full set of available action for that content. Learn More

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APC in Elgg

In this article I will give you an insight about Alternative PHP Cache (APC) in elgg. This plugin doesn’t fix any errors, doesn’t make the site faster and it is more of a pseudo APC. It’s just an administration tool that makes it easier to clear the caches after changes have been made to the Elgg source code. It is useful when extending views in elgg or adding a new plugin. Learn More

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Drupal – Drush Make Global Defaults

I’m a big fan of Drush and its bundled feature Drush Make. Drush Make used to be its own project separate from Drush — for some time now it has been included into Drush core.

When using Drush make there are default options set by drush when you run certain commands. Typically the default option is fine for the command you are running. For instance the default location when using `drush download MODULE_NAME` is to download the module to your /sites/all/modules directory of your Drupal installation. Learn More

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