Optimizing SocialEngine 4 Performance.

There’s always complains left and right about SocialEngine 4 being slow but the truth is you may have just have to turn Production Mode on. Go to the admin panel of your SE4 install, on the home page look at the lower right panel and you will see “System Mode” and underneath them you’ll have two buttons (Development and Production Mode). Click on Production Mode to speed up the performance of your SE4 site.

In addition to that, go to Settings > Performance and Caching to improve the performance further. You will see options under Caching Feature where the default is based on File-based which uses disk space for caching. You can choose either memcache or APC as they have a better performance over a file-based caching system.

Arvixe’s webhosting is optimized for SocialEngine4 and is highly recommended by Webligo as a webhost for your SocialEngine website.

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How to Customize Local Time and Date in WebSitePanel

Applied on: Windows Hosting.

The server at arvixe.com (and for others too) shows date time as per their physical location. Many webmasters (like me), require date time value as per my own location. This ASP script will get the GMT date time value from the server and add 5 hours, as per my GMT change.

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How to Use Index Manager in cPanel

The Index Manager in cPanel is used to manage the look and feel of the directories on the web hosting account.  It gives you the ability to define their presentation, letting you display your directories in four different ways: Learn More

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