OpenCart – Psychological eCommerce

One area of eCommerce that many don’t ever think about when it comes to selling goods online are all of the little details on your website that will “play on the customers mind”. These items will play on the mind whether you like it or not and most of the time it goes unnoticed. This is why it is called Psychological eCommerce; we are dealing with particular aesthetics that “could”, depending upon what market you are in make you or completely destroy you.

1) Typography (FONT COLOR vs BACKGROUND COLOR) Learn More

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How to Find Your Site’s phpFox Version

This article will show you how to find the version of phpFox you are running on your website.

When asking for support for your phpFox site, it is important to always note in your request, the version of phpFox that you are running.

To find your phpFox version, select Tools > System Overview.


On the System Overview page, the Core Version is the version of phpFox that your site is running on.


You should now know which version of phpFox your website is running on so that you can note that in any support requests and posts on the forums.

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How to Create a WordPress Theme – Part 1

Prior to diving into the WordPress code, we have a few things to make sure we have all straightened out and ready to go. For this tutorial, so as not to pick on anyone else, I’ll be using my own blog as an example.

Here’s what we need: Learn More

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