Creating a Simple MojoPortal Website Part 1

Hi! Other posts have shown you how to install MojoPortal and setup local and remote working environments. In this post, I will show you how I start off a new website, including selecting a skin and creating a look and feel for the home page – using only free to download software. There may be quicker ways to get things done, but this way is great for helping you see how things work. This is where I will get today:
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mojoPortal Tips: How to Add Scrolling Blog Highlights to Your Front Page

Hello! In today’s post, we are going to touch on how to add a bit of snazziness to the front page of your mojoPortal website, using the built-in Feed Manager module.

Log into your website as an administrator; on the admin bar, click on “Edit this Page”.  In the Page Content Layout section, click the “Feature” dropdown at the top and select “Feed Manager”; add it to whichever Pane you will want to contain your scroller.

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