How to Enable and Disable Modules in phpFox

This article focuses on how to enable and disable modules in phpFox.

The typical installation of phpFox installs all the modules that are a part of the script.  During the install you have the option to choose which modules you want or do not want to install.  Most people don’t utilize this option during installation.  However, you always have the option at any time to disable any modules that you do not want on your site, just as you always have the option to enable any disabled modules.  This can be done easily through your admincp.

Log in to your admincp and select the Extensions menu.  You will see the Module heading on the left, and below that Manage Modules.  Select Manage Modules. Learn More

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Customizing Product Enquiry Forms with FormBuilder and Products Modules

Suppose you are building a catalog website in CMS Made Simple that uses the Products Module and you want to show a contact form on each product detail page. With this little trick you can customize the Subject line of the enquiry form using FormBuilder to include the Product Name automatically.

To do this, use the standard Contact Form in FormBuilder. we look up the field id of the Subject line in your Contact Form. You can do this by checking the “show field id” option in Formbuilder’s Preferences Tab.

Let’s say for example, the field number is “40”. Now, in your product detail template just put the following FormBuilder tag: Learn More

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Why You Should Upgrade to Elgg 1.8

Elgg 1.8 is out and if you have an Elgg site with version 1.7 we strongly recommend you to upgrade to keep our servers safe.

Last Elgg release (1.8.5) added more security features to keep your Elgg network safe from XSS attacks and also fixed a loophole that allowed users to register without validation which could be used by spammers to spam your site and waste our server resources.

Aside from that, Elgg 1.8 comes with new features which are:
• New group activity widget for user dashboard.

This widget show you a river of new of all your groups the newest, the latest discussions and the popular, the most easy way to administrate yours groups and the groups you own. Learn More

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